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Preacher is so good this season.  I love learning about the world and the main three characters.  Had to do some fan art of the trio.


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From freeBrunch Gaming

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Episode 12! The July 4th BBQ’s are simmering down. We get patriotic with batman vs superman, “Con’s”, mindgames, the shooter genre, and an Anime fakeout!

[05:00] – Batman Vs. Superman
[16:25] – Con’s
[36:45] – Word Association Game
[44:38] – Shooter Genre Innovation
[56:15] – The Anime Game

Batman vs. Superman Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/4MKqf/
Anime Game: Devil is a Part Timer, Code Geass, Parasyte, Kill La Kill, Death Parade, Beyond the Boundary, Akame Ga Kill, Food Wars

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New Podcast in video form.  Enjoy!

From freeBrunch Gaming

Episode 11 friends! We’re back to our normal hijinks. We get down with batman in a big way this episode. Also finding time to discuss King of Tokyo, Guild Wars 2, Role Models, drinking water for free DLC, “Game Expansions” and much more!

[01:45] – Current Digs
[06:20] – True Detective
[12:00] – Batman Arkham Knight
[34:30] – Our Role Models
[50:00] – Game “Expansions”

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Welcome to Episode 9! The calm before the storm that is E3 2015. We’re exhausted and it hasn’t even started yet. So we just sit back and get back to basics. Finding time to discuss Game of Thrones, The Martian, “Announcements”, franchise fumblings, and the Apple Watch!

[01:45] – Game of Thrones, Current Digs
[21:34] – Newz
[37:00] – Announcement Strategies
[46:00] – Franchise Fatigue
[53:00] – Christian got an Apple Watch!


FreeBrunch Gaming

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Daredevil opening

You’ve heard a great number of things from me that praise the DC television universe and the path they’re taking.  I even somewhat criticized Marvel’s approach by having their connected universe holding them back from making big picture stories that truly affected the universes they were in.  An example I used was that the DCTV universe can use Ras al Ghul, Solomon Grundy, and even Deathstroke, all of which are fairly big names in the DC fictional universe, without needing to hold back on waiting for a movie adaptation green light.  I thought this was a weakness for Marvel’s TV universe, which until Daredevil was only affecting Agents of Shield and maybe Peggy Carter.  A weakness that was defined for NOT having super powerful and well known villains or heroes compelling the story.  Enter Daredevil.

Daredevil is a perfect way to counter this argument as he is the common man’s hero, which makes the television layout, budget, and story to be a perfect and believable medium of introduction.  The televised layout is great here.  We’re given time to truly see how disgusting Hell’s Kitchen is, not just hear how bad it is through character dialogue.  There is a glorious amount of time given to the rest of the main cast, making each person earn a place in your memory.  The pacing is great and mixes a great balance of origin story and intriguing conflict.

Overall I was very satisfied with Daredevil.  As a primary DC reader, the Marvel Universe only goes as far as their cinematics, and it’s incredibly exciting not knowing what happens to what and who becomes who.  Daredevil was just so well put together and fired so well on so many cylinders of entertainment. Being this pleased with this show even made me consider whether or not I would actually enjoy DCTV if I didn’t exactly know every little aspect and detail in their TV shows and mistake getting the reference for actual entertainment.

Below is a light-spoiler analysis of Daredevil and why I think its particularly effective at making it a great season 1.


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Arrow vs. Flash

Sometime in the last couple of weeks, I got to see The Flash and Green Arrow team up.  There was playful banter, crossing of super hero teams, and clashes in physical and mental approaches to situations.    In the big crossover event between CWs The Flash and Arrow, I got to see in live action what I’ve only seen in animated movies and comic books for DC characters.  Marvel has been dominant with their franchise so far.  They were first to get a team of heroes all on one screen to fight a larger threat and it was freaking awesome.

And I’m saying that as a DC fan.  Since 2008, Marvel Studios has hammered down their connected universe and are even backed with Marvel movies from Fox and Sony.  Even though not all of these movies are true cinematic gems, I still watched them, I probably enjoyed them, and then they all made lots of money.

So where’s DC in all of this?  2008 was the latest highpoint in the DC cinematic universe with the release of The Dark Knight.  We got Green Lantern, The Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel, but let’s be honest, no one holds a close enough candle to say Avengers, Captain America 2, and more recently Guardians of the Galaxy.  And comparitively, Marvel and the affiliated studios have been releasing up to three movies a year vs. Warner Bros./DC’s 1.

So all in all the cinematic candle won’t come close until 2016 when DC finally kicks off its connected cinematic universe with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  And they still might not come close.  But action stews further away from the silver screen.  But what about the smaller screen candle?

DC has taken to television before.  Besides animated favorites like Justice League, Teen Titans, and Young Justice, shows like Smallville, The Flash (1990), and Birds of Prey were somewhat popular.  But now in this age of where superhero and comic book based media isn’t lame anymore, DC has really let their shows fly and their audiences with them.


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Flash title

So The Flash pilot leaked and the internet is exploding with all sorts of hype and freak outs.  I was able to watch it and I have to say that I was absolutely floored with how good it was.  Yes, it’s true that pilots are normally a lot stronger than the rest of the season due to it’s sole purpose of getting the series picked up and yes, one could worry about the drop in investment on quality writing and special effects in the rest of the episodes, and yes…yadda yadda yadda yadda.  As I watched the Flash, I realized that despite even considering about worrying about all of these potential drop offs, this episode had so much fun, action, comedy, and set up all in one episode, it legitimately gives me hope that the creators of the Flash will be taking smart notes from Arrow’s book in continuing to create a full season’s worth of quality episodes.  So here’s a break down of what I thought about the Flash pilot below.

This review contains no major plot spoilers, but does contain images from the leaded episode that can contain sensitive information.

All Images Owned by The CW and DC Comics


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The Gang by Chubeto

The Gang by Chubeto

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge DC fanatic, and I enjoy soaking up just about any and all things DC related, whether they be their comics, video games, movies, and television shows.  I have dedicated today’s post to their much beloved animated series that they’ve been pumping out since 1992 (maybe even earlier, I’m note entirely sure).  They continue to produce quality television shows and animated movies to this day, although some for the wrong [but necessary] reasons.  My recent finishing of the television series Young Justice has prompted me to write this post and kind of cover all the great things about DC’s [or I guess Warner Bros.] animated divisions.  It’s very clear that a lot of these great shows and movies were created by comic book lovers who enjoy introducing legendary and fantastic characters in the DC universe as well as dropping hints, easter eggs, and callbacks to those who are engaged and already familiar with the DC Universe.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the recent and personally significant series and movies I’ve had the pleasure of viewing.


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the whole gang

Orange is the New Black aired on Netflix this past weekend and what a rush it has been binge watching the up and down roller coaster  that the second season was.  Following a similar structure as the first season, but mixing new elements such as new characters, an all-affecting conflict, and a different direction that shows that Litchfield has more problems than what Piper is directly dealing with.  The flashbacks return, showing welcome light on some of the older and lesser used character in the first season and we even get development on characters we really despised in the first season.  Orange is the New Black season 2 confirms that even the worst/best people have a shade of gray which makes us re-question our loyalty.  I know several times over my live-tweet marathon of the show that some of my tweets can be easily reversed based on some of the dynamic changes my favorite characters went through.

Anyways, today’s post is a further breakdown of what I thought of the season.

Spoilers ahead!  Watch this series if you haven’t!

All images are attributed and owned by Netflix


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ben and leslie

2013 was a pretty incredible year for television [as if there aren’t years of incredible television], but I found it very fun to go back and take a look at the best episodes of the year.  Although Fall television is still pretty fresh in my head, I found a lot of joy in going back into Spring 2013 television to recall how great some of those episode were.  Below, I’ve compiled the television shows and their corresponding episodes to go back and relive some of the greatest television episodes of 2013.

Minor spoilers below.


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Decided to create a Let’s Play Series on the new game in Beta, Starbound!  Follow me as I play Rusty the Barbarian, the soon to be ruler of the Galaxy!

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It’s winter break from my University which means I’m home and have nothing to do.  So naturally I watch as much television as can be permitted.  My long list of television is ever expanding and I spend more than a normal amount of time trying to shorten it, but if often gets longer and longer.  This winter break is a time for shortening the list considerably before I get responsibilities again [ugh, School].  So here’s my list of TV to watch, I often update what I’m watching in my Twitter, so be sure to follow it if you wanna chime in some suggestions as I live tweet these sum-bitches.

Here they are below in no particular order


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boardwalk empire 4

Fall TV is in full swing and I’m scrambling amongst my busy life to be catching up on everything that’s new and amazing while simultaneously catching up on a number of favorites recommended to me by others.  Some old shows have left us (Happy Endings, The Office, Community, Modern Family), but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a busy week for me and my television.  So I’ll break down the lineup I go through each week and then I’ll dive into the initial impressions of each show!


The Fall TV Line Up


Masters of Sex
The Walking Dead
Boardwalk Empire


New Girl


Always Sunny in Philadelphia
South Park


Parks and Recreation


The Legend of Korra


Saturday Night Live


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Parks and Recreation - Season 5

It’s no secret that my love for television extends beyond many of my other loves.  These include video games, movies, drawing, books, and comic books.  Doing these recaps are my favorite because it allows you to share with everyone about your favorite shows and gives others a chance to chime in their opinions on what I’m missing out on!  Trust me, these kind of things actually happen because it’s because of my readers that I got into Modern Family!

Anywho, Winter/Spring television is very much started and some shows only have a week or two left before their finales, but I figured now would be a good time to recap on what’s happened and why you should pick up on the shows I’m watching!  11 Shows this season, can you keep up?


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There’s a lot of fear in those eyes, but damn if they’re not absolutely stunning

I fall in love easily with fictional characters, so this list was incredibly easy to make.  I just took a look at the 12 shows I’m watching and picked some of the people I simply light up to when the show comes on.  Naturally, writing this article made me swoon [can men swoon?] and certainly feel feelings within me that I should be embarrassed to feel about fictional characters.  But I ultimately didn’t care.  Being single myself, these fictional women are all I have to care about.  They may not keep me warm at night, but they certainly know how to burn hours of my life with nothing to show for..

wait what?

Pretty Serious Spoilers from respective shows below!

The Walking Dead


American Horror Story: Asylum

Tread Carefully at Your Own Risk


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Fall TV is probably the best season of TV.  There’s just about something on from Sunday to Sunday every night and it’s such a refreshing start after a dull summer of waiting every Sunday for Breaking Bad.  So with Fall TV having started most of it’s major players, I’m writing a little update to share with you everything I’m watching.  Looking at this list, I watch a helluva lot of television.  And I love every minute of it.

Read below if you’re following the….following…shows.  Otherwise spoilers beware!

  • New Girl
  • Happy Endings
  • Modern Family
  • Parks and Recreation
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Dexter
  • Homeland
  • The Walking Dead
  • American Horror Story: Asylum
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • South Park
  • Family Guy


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I love a good montage. Nothing quite says progress (or perhaps a gaping plot hole) like a quick moving, musically depicted action over a period of time. However, with the right combination of clips, soundtrack, and a satisfying end result – a montage can be inspiring, engaging, and epic. Listed below are some of my favorite whirlwinds of non-Sylvester Stallone starring movie and television montages.


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Banana Scoop has had its break and it’s been absolutely wonderful.  Our writers were given a break and prepared some really great articles with our newfound reinvigoration.  There’s a lot of neat stuff we’ve planned and want to feature in the coming weeks, like a greater About Us section, a DMCA statement, and then some other things we’ve put on the back burner for a while.  The Scoops gonna come back harder than ever.  Buckle in and prep yourselves.

About Us is Also Live

The long awaited About Us Page is up that features a mini biography about each of our authors.  Be sure to visit that page to contact us and get to know us more.  It would be really neat to further expand this section to include a history section about the what this site franchise has been through [it’s not THAT exciting, but I’ll add a few ninjas and damsels and distress to spice things up.]


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It’s been over a year since I pledged to watch The Wire and I’ve finally accomplished it.  People have gone to great lengths to define the greatest television drama of all time, with The Wire more than often reaching the finals if not being the victor.  That’s what truly inspired me to get in on this in the first place.  I mean, regardless of content, personal taste, or opinion, if this many people are praising it or even talking about it as much as they are, I figured it would definitely be worth the shot.

So 5 seasons later, which equivocates to over 40 hours, [5 seasons with about 10 episodes each episode having 50 minutes] here I stand, finally having an opinion on what is regarded as one of the greatest shows on television.  And shit, boy did it not disappoint.  We’ll keep this discussion spoiler free as I’ll tread lightly on some of the high points of the series.  Read on below to either learn about the Wire or simply relive some memories.


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Last Tuesday, I gave a maintenance update regarding the state of the blog and what we have in store, and I kinda felt as though we should do that every week!  I like keeping you guys updated with how I’m doing and some of the personal feelings I have towards this blog sometimes.  I’d like for you guys to think that this blog is more than just me posting a lot of cool stuff I find, and that it’s about discussing/geeking out about how much I love popular culture.  Reaching out to you guys almost seems meta.  So like many other scheduled events on this blog, Tuesday Maintenance Letters will try to be a thing these days.  There’s always something I want to be doing for this blog, so I think sharing with you guys what I do will not only tighten our cyber bond, but also make you notice all the effort I put into things that aren’t necessarily obvious XD.

List of Scheduled Events

Weekly Preview – A preview of the more exciting articles that will be posted on Banana Scoop in the upcoming week
Sunday Sketch – Amateur drawings that I create and upload to share with you all

____ Review – All good television is premiered on Sunday [Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dexter, etc.], so it’s only natural that I post reviews on them the following day

Maintenance Newsletter – A post regarding what’s new with Banana Scoop in the format area as well as what’s to come

Universidaze – A webcomic created by me that features the [mostly] fictional lives of two college kids

Saturday Reblog – Anyone who posts a comment throughout the week gets put into a pool where I choose a lucky winner to get reblogged by us!
Weekend Funnies – 24 hilarious images collected from the deep corners of the interwebs.

Read on below about what’s new with our blog as of recently.


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