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Fiona drawing 1200

Drew Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands. Can’t wait to play the last episode October 22nd!


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From freeBrunch Gaming

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Episode 12! The July 4th BBQ’s are simmering down. We get patriotic with batman vs superman, “Con’s”, mindgames, the shooter genre, and an Anime fakeout!

[05:00] – Batman Vs. Superman
[16:25] – Con’s
[36:45] – Word Association Game
[44:38] – Shooter Genre Innovation
[56:15] – The Anime Game

Batman vs. Superman Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/4MKqf/
Anime Game: Devil is a Part Timer, Code Geass, Parasyte, Kill La Kill, Death Parade, Beyond the Boundary, Akame Ga Kill, Food Wars

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New Podcast in video form.  Enjoy!

From freeBrunch Gaming

Episode 11 friends! We’re back to our normal hijinks. We get down with batman in a big way this episode. Also finding time to discuss King of Tokyo, Guild Wars 2, Role Models, drinking water for free DLC, “Game Expansions” and much more!

[01:45] – Current Digs
[06:20] – True Detective
[12:00] – Batman Arkham Knight
[34:30] – Our Role Models
[50:00] – Game “Expansions”

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From freeBrunch

Dicing through layer 2 of the Lower Pthumeru chalice dungeon with the myth, the legend, the FigFire! Coop Bloodborne took the game to the next level for us. Chalice dungeons are perfect for coop since they aren’t story content but are ripe with enemies and loot. This was just one layer of one chalice. The secrets of Bloodborne await!

“Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne are vast underground ruins deep beneath the city of Yharnam. They offer a chance to experience Bloodborne’s sense of exploration, danger and reward in all new ways. Hunters can access these multi-leveled dungeons by performing a Chalice Ritual.”


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From freeBrunch Gaming

Episode 10! Double digits! Hurricane E3 has flattened the gaming sphere. We go all over the map this episode as we glide from game to game sharing our innermost feelings and emotions. We cover EVERYTHING :)))

[03:45] – Horizon: Zero Dawn
[08:20] – No Man’s Sky
[11:15] – Fallout
[18:40] – Backwards Compatibility
[27:30] – VR and AR
[42:00] – Uncharted
[54:30] – Star Wars Battlefront
[59:30] – Halo and Gears of War

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Hey guys, a while ago, I plugged a podcast I was participating in.  We’ve returned to the video format as well as being on iTunes.

This is Episode 8! We are hyped for our Pre-E3 2015 show! We run through many of the notable games, preview the press conferences, take a trip around the rumor mill, and make some predictions of our own.

[05:00] – E3 2015 Games
[50:24] – E3 Press Conferences
[61:30] – E3 Rumor Mill
[70:06] – E3 Predictions


FreeBrunch Gaming

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the queue final

If you didn’t already know, I’ve been lending my talents on a new podcast called The Queue, a group of friends who gathered to talk about geeky things trending in pop culture.  We love talking shop about our passions and I got inspired to draw the The Queue Crew in an efforts to bring up the hype.

Historically speaking, all members of The Queue used to be writers for Banana Scoop during our more active years.  You’ll recognize SoGoCJE, Ben, and myself in the picture.  I guess in a way we never really left each other’s lives as we’ve moved from writing to podcasting.  It’s all the same as long as we get to discuss with each other what we’re passionate about.

Check out freeBrunchGaming to get access to downloading the audio files.

Or you can go straight to iTunes and subscribe to our Podcast here:

Feel free to let us know what ya’ll think in the comments.

Also included is a new speed drawing of the drawing with music featured by Skullbeatz

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hotline miami 1280


You can hear the skull cracking.  This without a doubt is probably the most NSFW piece I’ve drawn to date.  But with Hotline Miami still ringing in my bones, I had to draw something to pay tribute to the high-octane feeling I get when I clear a level.  The game is absolutely brutal, punishing, and ridiculously addictive.

So I drew Corey (who is a girl, which I didn’t know until I started researching her character), who is known for her tumbles.  She bats hard and the goons don’t stand a chance.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism.  I’ve also included a speed drawing for you all to enjoy with a smooth 80s-esque track to get lost in.

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Ni No Kuni was a game I heard was absolutely incredible in 2013 if you were a fan of traditional RPGs.  Now I’ve probably only played from start to finish a handful of RPGs, most of them being  Konami’s cult favorite Suikoden series.  I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game other then the first two on Gameboy Advane, so I know nothing about Cloud, Aerith, or any of those other spikey haired characters.  Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Remix was the last RPG I had played before Ni No Kuni and I had a mixed reaction to that, so I wasn’t already with a good attitude when it came to RPGs when I started Ni No Kuni.  And low and behold when I started Ni No Kuni, it was slow, boring, and slightly frustrating which threw me off  the first 10 hours or so when I was so swamped during the school year.  But when summer started I sucked it up and tried another go at it when I had more time.  40 hours later, my mind had completely shifted and Ni No Kuni is definitely one of the greatest RPGs I’ve ever played and I’m the best part is I’m not even close to being done with it.

All images owned by Level 5


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Laning as Zyra in the mid lane in Silver V Ranked Solo Queue.  I’ll be improving the quality for future videos, this first one was a bit of a test run. Enjoy!

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Decided to create a Let’s Play Series on the new game in Beta, Starbound!  Follow me as I play Rusty the Barbarian, the soon to be ruler of the Galaxy!

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orianna screen crack

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything League related, but in May of 2013, I posted my five favorite champions that I like to take on Summoners Rift.  Times change, you get better, and patches change EVERYTHING.  Which means new champs are fitting the bill in order to successfully getting to that enemy Nexus.  So I’m here to tell you the new favorites I like picking in champion select these days and as you’ll be able to tell, it’s become quite different from what it used to be.

If you’re curious of where I’m at the ladder these days, as of late, I’ve been dancing around Silver IV & Silver V.


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To put it lightly, I think I nearly doubled my game library this year.  I had a well paying job that allowed me to splurge for myself in ways I really haven’t in the past.  With all this new disposable income [insert ‘Thanks Obama’ meme here], I managed to purchase a number of games I’ve never played before in addition to the many incredible releases that came out this year.  And as a year ends, it’s pretty obvious that every blogger in the world is going to be coming up with the “Best of 2013” lists.  So naturally I’m just doing my duty as another blogger, who doesn’t have the time or wit to come up with something more original.

Truth be told, the number 1 shouldn’t surprise you, it’s pretty much one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, but it might be interesting to see the other games I’ve taken a hand at this past year.  If you’re doubting my nerd cred, these games do not take into account the older games that were released in other times that I’ve picked up [These titles include Minecraft, League of Legends, and Shadow the Colossus, Sly Cooper, etc].

Start a fire in the comments section!


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the walking dead lee and clem

For a while now, The Walking Dead franchise has been buzzing like a fly around manure.  The cult comic book got a television adaptation that brought the names Rick Grimes & Daryl Dixon to becoming a household name.  Unfortunately, the original creator of the characters, Robert Kirkman, still isn’t so much a household name, nor is his glorious comic book.  A year ago, two games carrying the franchise name were inevitably released.  One revolved around the television show’s original creations, The Dixon brothers, and was critically panned.  The other one, which was created by Telltale Games, was more based on the universe created from Kirkman’s comic book and generated an enormous amount of buzz, even gathering several Game of the Year rewards.

So what made the comic book adaptation game better than the television adaptation game?  It must be better zombie killing weapons or better graphics right?  Wrong.  Telltale’s The Walking Dead is much different from any other game I’ve ever played, and it’s one game that I won’t long forget for a long time.

Minor spoilers from the game, none that will ruin your experience.

You’re put into the body of Lee Everett, who is a college professor on his way to prison after murdering the man who his wife cheated on with.  The zombie apocalypse gives him a second chance when he runs into a young girl, Clementine.  Amongst thousands of zombies, untrusting allies, and brutal mercenaries, Lee finds himself doing whatever it takes to protect Clementine.


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Art by 2013

League of Legends has essentially consumed my life these past days.  Of all the free time I have, it’s usually spent either drawing, Minecraft, or League of Legends.  I’m still a rising Summoner, only about level 20 or so, but I’m learning fast.  Of course, I have my favorite Champions to use that I feel most effective with.  I’ve decided to compile my favorite Champs that I’ve used in the past could of weeks I’ve been grinding the game with.  And whether it’s a crushing victory of a blowing defeat, I always have fun playing these 5 champs.  Here they are in no particular order.

As of late, I have a knack and tendency to pick up not very used champs and trying to make hem work.  I try to stay away from the heavily favored champs that professionals use like Kha’zix, Rengar, Draven, Jayce, etc.  If it’s mainstream, then it’s not my jam.


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From Cracked:

Aside from some jogging scenes in “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out,” the training montage never really made the transition from movies to video games. We asked you to show us what we’re missing out on, and why in some cases, that’s probably a good thing.

Classes Required for Video Game Characters

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From Cracked:

Public Service Announcements are still somehow the best we’ve got for teaching people how not to harm themselves, or at least for educating normal people how dumb people are harming themselves. We asked you to show us what they’d look like inside video games where the world is often actively trying to kill us

Video Game PSAs

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Scheduled Break and Return

Banana Scoop is still scheduled to take a break in the week from September 16th to September 22nd to give us writers a break from school and other things.  In the meantime, our writers will be doing serious business to make Banana Scoop even better…or we’ll likely be playing Borderlands 2.  All four of us are into Borderlands, so it’s very likely that’s what we’ll be doing on our break.  Speaking of our fourth author…

New Author’s First Post this Week!

Earlier, I posted Rachel as a new author as well as her new avatar.  She’s posting her first article this week, so please visit and support her!  I’m not going to give the topic of her first article away, but it’s totally in league with what this site usually posts, so I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.  Rachel will be posting several times a month with no regimented scheudle unlike the other authors.  She’s going to try out what it’s like to publish for us and hopefully we’ll see her more frequently!

What I’m Doing This Week

art by dadonfuga

  • Reading: Mockingjay, Jurassic Park
  • Drawing: Edward Scissorhands, Harley Quinn, Random Page Button
  • Watching: Mad Men, Party Down, Cabin in the Woods

New Buttons

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve changed the topic buttons as well as Favorite Scoops buttons.  The new topic buttons will reflect some of the things we’ll be reviewing and covering in the future: Borderlands 2, American Horror Story, Dexter, etc.  As always Fig Art subcategory will bring you to my Deviant Art page.

Page Changes and About Us

We’ll be changing up the Pages on the very top soon.  Universidaze and Weekly Calendar’s and maybe even Live Discussion Pages will be going down in favor of some more productive Pages like About Us.  I’m working on finalizing that so people can find out about Banana Scoop and its writers.

Weekly Preview

  • Minecraft Tips and Tricks
  • Mockingjay Review [Hopefully]
  • Similarities Between Brick and Romney
  • Louis CK Stand Up

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You may or may not want to read the article linked here before continuing onward to the rest of the article. This week I talk about where the industry is headed after reading some alleged testimonies from various employees at major game publishing companies such as EA or Activision. While these intervies/reviews of the companies may be entirely false, I’m operating under the assumption that they are in fact employed at said companies. If it turns out that I am wrong, then I recant the following… (more…)

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Dorkly Bits will certainly delight you if your love old fashioned video games.  Dorkly is a website for classic dork stuff, including old-timey games like Mortal Kombat and Mario.  In their segment called “Dorkly Bits”, they create videos that play off the more hilarious plot holes, parodies, and satires of the games.  For example, check out the above video where in the original Super Mario Bros, instead of Mario getting a Super Star, a Koopa enemy gets one.  Years of hate emerge in the Koopas temporary invincibility.  It’s very hilarious and you should check out some of the videos I compiled below as well as visiting the Dorkly Bits page to see the more recent stuff.


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