The Leviathan Raid

Finally beating the Destiny 2 raid with a blind group involved over 15 grueling hours. I wanted to commemorate the fireteam who completed it with me with this drawing.


Preacher is so good this season.  I love learning about the world and the main three characters.  Had to do some fan art of the trio.

Farmer Patrick and Leah

Had a very  big obsession with Stardew Valley.  Got far enough to get to 10 hearts with Leah if you know what I mean.

The Profreshional

real salmon kid

Still very much enjoying Splatoon 2.  I love how adorable they all look in their Salmon Run outfits.

The Cast of Hamilton

I saw Hamilton last month in San Francisco and I psyched myself up by drawing the cast of the original soundtrack and production.

Squid Kid

Been super obsessed with Splatoon 2 recently.  Isn’t my squid kid adorable?

Pool Party 2017

Meta drawing. In 2013, when I got a new graphics tablet, I drew a pool party containing character requests from some Facebook friends. In 2014, I redrew that pool party to showcase my skill progress. Here I am 3 years later redrawing the pool party again benchmarking my progress. It has been an incredible journey and I can’t wait to keep going.

What’s also fun is how some of these characters have grown in that time period. Ellie is older and Dany’s dragons have gotten considerably larger.

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Animal Crossing is an amazingly therapeutic game. Peanut is easily one of the most adorable villagers out there. Just had to draw her.

Zoya the Destroyer

Have you watched Glow? I just finished it this weekend and had to draw one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. I’ve never even watched wrestling and was so taken by the characters and 80s aesthetic.

Tried a pretty different style than before. New brushes and tried to soften the line art in favor of a deeper palette and shadows. Took significantly longer, but new techniques often do. Looking forward to the next one.

Now if only Marc Maron’s character was as fun to draw as Zoya here.

Team Guy

I’m catching up on Naruto and I found Team Guy to be incredibly likable.  Let’s be honest, Lee carries this team.  But the other two aren’t so bad.

Mantis and Drax

Watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and fell in love with these two.

Naruto and Jiraiya

Finally catching up on Naruto and these two are the best.

The Vegas Trip

Went to Las Vegas with some friends for a bachelor party.  Decided to commemorate the occasion with this drawing.

Haru Okumura

Finished Persona 5 and absolutely loved it.  With as little time as I was able to spend with Haru, I thought she was A+ r/wholesomememes material.  And I loved that.

Beast Boy

Drew Beast Boy in civies (civilian clothing)

Logan & Laura

‘Logan & Laura’

I watched Logan this weekend found it to be incredible. I grew up with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. This farewell piece really tugged a heartstring or two or ten. So much that I sat down right after the theater and knocked this sucker out.

Drew Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.


34 hours into Horizon Zero Dawn.  34 hours well spent and am looking forward to the 10 more till I get the platinum trophy.

How Far I’ll Go

Moana fan art by a Moana fan.

Valentines Day 2017


I’ve got my own plans today.

Japan Trip 2017


Going to Japan this year with some friends.  Here’s a sketch and an idea of some activities we want to do!

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