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Black Carnival 10 final 1280

Black Carnival #10

Gillian, Flynt, and Marraine team up to take down the Abomination. But will their combined efforts be enough?

With every page, I’m getting more and more confident as I experiment with what works best and looks cool.  I change styles often within this page, but I’m really happy with the results.  I plan on working on one non Black Carnival drawing before I get into #11. I’m really excited about this one as it’s VERY overdue.

Let’s just say things are gonna get Bloody.

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bc 9


Bet you didn’t see that coming did you?  Gillian and Flynt are back again to wrap up the “cat-in-the-tree” storyline.

Why the revival?

I once read a quote regarding about going to your grave with your unrealized ideas and aspirations are a waste of human ingenuity.  Originally, I had given up on delivering my story for The Black Carnival in favor of other endeavors.  It was a notion I truly hated myself for deciding.  After 5 months, I’ve returned to take another attempt at delivering my story.  No point in wasting human ingenuity right?

The Black Carnival will continue to serve as a means of experimentation with style and feasibility.  I get faster and more efficient with each drawing.  There can be only good things that come from this.

Black Carnivals will be released with no schedule.  I’ll try to crank them out when I can, but I’ll be mixing in other pieces of work between each page.

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bloodbrothers final

Have you all seen Mad Max yet? My goodness, if the answer is no, you need to remedy that this weekend.  From its adrenaline pumping soundtrack to its awe-inspiring visuals to Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa, you need to get on what is shaping up to be one of the best movies of the year.  I loved it so much that I drew two of the main characters, Max and Nux as they first know each other toward the beginning of the film.  Bloodbrothers.  You’ll get the reference.

I’m still struggling with finding and identity for my style.  I’m generally proud of this one, but I found myself wandering and not really knowing what the hell I was doing when I was drawing this one.

Looking forward to the next one.  My binging of Rick and Morty has me jonesing to do some fan art, but I’ve got another big project in my mind and I’m highly considering pursuing that instead.

Remember to follow on Twitter for hilarious updates.

Also included is a speed drawing below, enjoy!

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animal man vs. the rot

So I’m catching up on Animal Man and I’ve really begun to like Bernard “Buddy” Baker as Animal Man.  I’ve been meaning to write an article about how amazingly different and utterly disturbing reading Animal Man has been, but I settled with this drawing for now.


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Flash and Glider

Some time ago, I kinda panned several comic books for selfish and silly reasons.  With regards to The Flash, I called the first book generic.  I called the Flash boring.  I called out the lack of growth…Truth be told, I had not finished the book by the time I had wrote the article.  I had only read about half where it focused on Barry’s relationship with his self cloning friend.  It wasn’t a fair enough shot.  By the end of the second half, the book really picked up and I was compelled to buy the second volume.  And after that, let’s just say I get why The Flash is such an amazing character with many levels complexity.  Not just in the character, but a nice insight into why Flash’s mythology is heralded as much more than ‘running fast’.  Especially for someone who doesn’t know much about The Flash.


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melaka fray 1280

Finished Fray a while back. Inspired, I drew the gorgeous and deadly Melaka Fray. Quite the exercise in background too. Very satisfied with this one. And I recorded this drawing that I enclosed below.

So the last bazillion things I’ve drawn are all strong and gorgeous women.  Time to amp up the testosterone.  Thinking of some Animal Man/Swamp Thing…in chibi form.  Maybe.  Not sure.  It will come to me.


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alfred injustice

There are many instances of where video game universes are continued as comic books.  I’ve heard only good things from things like The Last of Us’s “American Dreams” and there are plenty of Halo, Assassin’s Creed, and Mass Effect ones that I know people enjoy.  Today I’m giving a special shout out to Injustice: Gods Among Us.  Here’s a comic book that’s based on a fighting video game that’s based on comic book characters who often fight each other.  How weird was that?

This article isn’t as much about the video game itself (which is free for Playstation Plus members this December), but rather a comic book that acts as the prequel to the events of one of the game’s timelines.  DC and comic books in general often operate in alternate realities and the basis of this comic book follows Superman’s descent into becoming the world’s dictator.  The DC universe prides Superman as being incorruptible.  But what happens when the Joker tricks him into murdering his own pregnant wife?

This is how the comic book starts out.  The initial story is lightly treaded on in the video game itself, but the game jumps ahead FIVE years after this event.  In the game all we learn is that Superman has established a dictatorship of the world under the guise of maintaining peace.  There is an underground war against Batman and his thin alliance of other insurgents.  But how did this happen?  How did the heroes line up on each side?  What happened to certain heroes and villains?  The comic book promises to cover all of these and more, making an entertaining and shockingly dark romp.

I’ve picked up only Year 1: Vol. 1 of Injustice.  I’m very excited to read Vol. 2 this January.  Here’s a review.


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gillian profile final


Took a break from The Black Carnival Webcomic to make this graphic profile for our leading lady.  I’ll (try to) slowly roll these out for all the characters introduced so far to help build the universe.  You can tell I do a rush job on the comic strips for the sake of delivering content, but I enjoy spending some time and detail into making better drawings (this one took about 3 1/2 hours).

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Gillian and Flynt go over the mission on their way to the Howling Siren.  I know Gillian acts kinda bitchy, but I’m more trying to lean her towards a Renegade Fem-Shep from the Mass Effect series.  She’ll have her chance to show more of her true colors and loyalty eventually.  Once I get there.  One panel at a time.

And speaking of panels, oh man, look at that production quality.  Did I actually spend more than five minutes on a background?  It’s quite astounding what happens when you put a little elbow grease in the less important stuff like backgrounds.  You can obviously tell when I worked on certain panels on different days.  Panels 1 and 3 differ in art significantly, though I think I’m really digging the character design of Gillian in panel 3.  I love 4 panel pages because it’s a lot less intimidating to work harder on one panel and still obtain a sense of progress.  I’ll try to maintain this quality when it comes to 6 panel pages, but we’ll see.

Probably a pin up or two before the next Black Carnival.  I’m more on devoting my time to drawing over writing for Banana Scoop these past few days, but I don’t think you guys are complaining and I’m having a blast.  Now about that DC pin up…

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BC 2.2 1280



Deputy Gillian Akers meets Sheriff Meiter’s new secretary to discover a dark secret.

Black Carnival Overview Summary:

My name is Gillian Akers You see, 3 years ago most of my family was massacred in an attempt to seize the family’s prized possession, ownership of The Black Carnival.   I was one of the few survivors and the heavens literally sent help from above to keep me safe from those who want to take my right to one day own it.  The Black Carnival is a controlled ‘haven’ for all things dangerous, discarded, and devious.  Ownership provides you access to some of the most powerful and dangerous people and beings around.  But my whole life I never really cared about that, at least until my family paid the price for it.  To help me survive, my Uncle Flynt has trained me as a part of his protection initiative.  I intend to use my newfound skills to return to the Black Carnival to find the people who murdered my family.  My uncle and I now work as a part of the Black Carnival Sheriff’s Office, occasionally taking out the Carnival’s trash and simultaneously investigating those who tried to take everything away from me.  I will work day and night to find them and return the favor.

I’ve got plenty of panels already written, so it’s up to me to get off my lazy butt and draw them.  I’m really excited about the new direction and am very satisfied with the quality.  Satisfied.  Maybe satisfaction isn’t enough…Which means I can probably step up my game ;D.

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hellboy front
Image owned by Dark Horse Comics

I’ve collected a large number of comics over the years.  I primarily chose them based on recommendations I’ve read over the internet.  Not all of them are immediate winners though and some series require a bit of stumbling before they hit their stride.  My normal purchasing routine is buying the first volume of a series and if I legitimately enjoy them, I continue.  I’ve taken some interest in some cult favorite series and purchased the first couple of volumes of each to test them out.  Unfortunately today’s post is about five series that haven’t really kindled a fire underneath my stomach enough for me to continue the series.  I’m asking you the reader to back up some of these series that you’ve hopefully read and persuade me to continue reading.


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katherine kane bs

Even further from mainstream then the string of Robins, Batgirls, and other obscure Bat villains is the recherché Batwoman.  When people hear Batwoman’s name, they think that maybe she’s a Batman copycat who is a possible love interest for the Dark Knight.  What they don’t know is that Katherine Kane aka Batwoman might be comic books’ most popular LGBT superhero, who kicks ass and doesn’t take questions from anyone, including Batman.  After hearing how awesome Batwoman is on the internets, I took it upon myself to look into Batwoman and her comic series.  After reading her first New 52 volume, Hydrology, I became instantly hooked and may have a new contender for favorite superheroine, [sorry Diana].  I took time out of my not so busy day to draw a new wallpaper as tribute to one of my new favorite characters and write a small review on Batwoman New 52 Vol. 1: Hydrology.    I really hoped to catch her edgy, gorgeous, but ‘don’t f*ck with me’ attitude.

All images owned by DC Comics


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Flash title

So The Flash pilot leaked and the internet is exploding with all sorts of hype and freak outs.  I was able to watch it and I have to say that I was absolutely floored with how good it was.  Yes, it’s true that pilots are normally a lot stronger than the rest of the season due to it’s sole purpose of getting the series picked up and yes, one could worry about the drop in investment on quality writing and special effects in the rest of the episodes, and yes…yadda yadda yadda yadda.  As I watched the Flash, I realized that despite even considering about worrying about all of these potential drop offs, this episode had so much fun, action, comedy, and set up all in one episode, it legitimately gives me hope that the creators of the Flash will be taking smart notes from Arrow’s book in continuing to create a full season’s worth of quality episodes.  So here’s a break down of what I thought about the Flash pilot below.

This review contains no major plot spoilers, but does contain images from the leaded episode that can contain sensitive information.

All Images Owned by The CW and DC Comics


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The Gang by Chubeto

The Gang by Chubeto

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge DC fanatic, and I enjoy soaking up just about any and all things DC related, whether they be their comics, video games, movies, and television shows.  I have dedicated today’s post to their much beloved animated series that they’ve been pumping out since 1992 (maybe even earlier, I’m note entirely sure).  They continue to produce quality television shows and animated movies to this day, although some for the wrong [but necessary] reasons.  My recent finishing of the television series Young Justice has prompted me to write this post and kind of cover all the great things about DC’s [or I guess Warner Bros.] animated divisions.  It’s very clear that a lot of these great shows and movies were created by comic book lovers who enjoy introducing legendary and fantastic characters in the DC universe as well as dropping hints, easter eggs, and callbacks to those who are engaged and already familiar with the DC Universe.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the recent and personally significant series and movies I’ve had the pleasure of viewing.


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wonder woman 1280

I got a pang to draw more DC heroes after my Zatanna drawing and I decided to redraw Wonder Woman after my derpy interpretation in the past.  I admit, this is still a little derpy, but I’m definitely trying to a weird medium between pure cartoon and semi-realism.  Anyways, it came out kind of okay, and I’m getting more and more surprised with how quickly I finish these with this particular piece being clocked in at about a little over 2 hours.  Does that mean if I focus more time I can get more quality results?  I dunno.  I’ve never had a project that has taken over 5 or 6 hours max on my Cintiq, maybe it’s time I try.

Anyways, let me know if you guys have any comments or questions.

I have Black Carnival stuff also, but I’m just waiting for the opportune time to share it.

Also, here is a speed art video below.

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zatanna final 800

Drew and recorded this picture of Zatanna Zatara from the DC universe.

I had a lot of fun with this project and definitely think it’s one of the best I’ve done in a while.

Took about 3 – 4 hours to complete.

Don’t really know what’s next for drawing, but I’m excited if it goes in this kind of direction more.


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obvious banner

X-Men: Days of Future Past opened this last weekend, outdoing in my opinion every X-Men in sheer awesomeness [a very technical term].  For good reason too.  Everything in Days of Future Past was enjoyable and the movie had it all.  There was an engaging story with very real themes.  There were incredible and unforgettable actions sequences.  And it did something that very few franchises have done, which is successfully link a previous franchise with its reboot without feeling overly convoluted.

So we’re gonna get down to the meat here and discuss a lot of the awesome [and a few of the not as awesome] things with X-Men Days of Future Past.

Spoilers to Follow.  If you haven’t watched, please do!


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jason 800

Jason Todd was found by Batman breaking into the Batmobile as a kid. When Bruce saw potential in the young boy, he made him his second Robin. Jason was fueled by rage and revenge, which led to his painful death at the hands of the Joker, leaving Bruce distraught. After he was resurrected [because comics logic], he returned to Gotham as the masked vigilante Red Hood, where he takes an ultraviolent approach to dealing with Gotham’s criminals. Red Hood and the Dark Knight have butted heads ever since, debating on whose justice system is working for Gotham better.

If interested, read or watch the DC story arc: “Under the Red Hood”. It’s really good.

Taking a small break from the Robins to do some original content.  It’ll be up in a couple of days.

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tim drake 800

Drew Tim Drake as Red Robin.

Really happy with the shading I’ve done here. I’ve got 3 more Robins down the pipe.

Decided to throw in a little background to those who don’t know who this is and kind of care. If you don’t, meh, move on to the next thing in your newsfeed.

Tim Drake was Batman’s third Robin after Dick Grayson [the first Robin] became Nightwing and Jason Todd [the second Robin] died, resurrected and became Red Hood [because comics]. Blessed with a detectives mind that rivals Batman’s, Tim Drake earned the right to be Batman’s next Robin by persuading the stubborn Dark Knight into believing he needed a Robin after he couldn’t get over the death of his former protege. Tim eventually outgrew the mantle and became Red Robin and serves on Teen Titans.

Hope that was a fun read. Tim’s probably my least favorite Robin, but he’s still pretty neat.

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ww 800


Here’s a quick one-day sketch of Diana Prince who is also known as Wonder Woman. I’m a bit on a DC bend right now.  Expect more DC heroes, particularly the Bat family.  I got Batgirl in the works.  Might go towards the 3 remaining Robins I haven’t done.  Might go towards some villains.  And of course the B-man himself.  Any who, I’m still trying to find my ‘style’ so to speak, so expect some variations.

As for Black Carnival stuff, I’m not entirely sure where I want to go with it.  With summer here, I have the time to return to a strip a week, but I’ve considered heavy rewrites and of course more concept art changes.  When I have something more solid, I’ll update everyone.

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