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New Podcast in video form.  Enjoy!

From freeBrunch Gaming

Episode 11 friends! We’re back to our normal hijinks. We get down with batman in a big way this episode. Also finding time to discuss King of Tokyo, Guild Wars 2, Role Models, drinking water for free DLC, “Game Expansions” and much more!

[01:45] – Current Digs
[06:20] – True Detective
[12:00] – Batman Arkham Knight
[34:30] – Our Role Models
[50:00] – Game “Expansions”


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Spring television is in full force and a plethora of shows have premiered while others have continued.  If I had to choose between hype for Fall 2013 television and Spring 2014 television, just writing about this line up makes me believe that Spring 2014 television just might trump whatever Fall 2013 aired [and that might include Breaking Bad…].  I say this because a lot of two-season (Fall to Spring) shows begin doing their crazy stunts and plot twists during sweeps week as  their seasons wrap up.  This means shit hits the fan for multiple shows, sometimes all at once, creating some of the memorable television shows of the year.  This week’s post will reflect on what’s been aired so far as well as a small preview of what’s to come in the following weeks.


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