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It’s been over a year since I pledged to watch The Wire and I’ve finally accomplished it.  People have gone to great lengths to define the greatest television drama of all time, with The Wire more than often reaching the finals if not being the victor.  That’s what truly inspired me to get in on this in the first place.  I mean, regardless of content, personal taste, or opinion, if this many people are praising it or even talking about it as much as they are, I figured it would definitely be worth the shot.

So 5 seasons later, which equivocates to over 40 hours, [5 seasons with about 10 episodes each episode having 50 minutes] here I stand, finally having an opinion on what is regarded as one of the greatest shows on television.  And shit, boy did it not disappoint.  We’ll keep this discussion spoiler free as I’ll tread lightly on some of the high points of the series.  Read on below to either learn about the Wire or simply relive some memories.


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