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Orange is the New Black aired on Netflix this past weekend and what a rush it has been binge watching the up and down roller coaster  that the second season was.  Following a similar structure as the first season, but mixing new elements such as new characters, an all-affecting conflict, and a different direction that shows that Litchfield has more problems than what Piper is directly dealing with.  The flashbacks return, showing welcome light on some of the older and lesser used character in the first season and we even get development on characters we really despised in the first season.  Orange is the New Black season 2 confirms that even the worst/best people have a shade of gray which makes us re-question our loyalty.  I know several times over my live-tweet marathon of the show that some of my tweets can be easily reversed based on some of the dynamic changes my favorite characters went through.

Anyways, today’s post is a further breakdown of what I thought of the season.

Spoilers ahead!  Watch this series if you haven’t!

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