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It’s winter break from my University which means I’m home and have nothing to do.  So naturally I watch as much television as can be permitted.  My long list of television is ever expanding and I spend more than a normal amount of time trying to shorten it, but if often gets longer and longer.  This winter break is a time for shortening the list considerably before I get responsibilities again [ugh, School].  So here’s my list of TV to watch, I often update what I’m watching in my Twitter, so be sure to follow it if you wanna chime in some suggestions as I live tweet these sum-bitches.

Here they are below in no particular order



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boardwalk empire 4

Fall TV is in full swing and I’m scrambling amongst my busy life to be catching up on everything that’s new and amazing while simultaneously catching up on a number of favorites recommended to me by others.  Some old shows have left us (Happy Endings, The Office, Community, Modern Family), but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a busy week for me and my television.  So I’ll break down the lineup I go through each week and then I’ll dive into the initial impressions of each show!


The Fall TV Line Up


Masters of Sex
The Walking Dead
Boardwalk Empire


New Girl


Always Sunny in Philadelphia
South Park


Parks and Recreation


The Legend of Korra


Saturday Night Live


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There’s a lot of fear in those eyes, but damn if they’re not absolutely stunning

I fall in love easily with fictional characters, so this list was incredibly easy to make.  I just took a look at the 12 shows I’m watching and picked some of the people I simply light up to when the show comes on.  Naturally, writing this article made me swoon [can men swoon?] and certainly feel feelings within me that I should be embarrassed to feel about fictional characters.  But I ultimately didn’t care.  Being single myself, these fictional women are all I have to care about.  They may not keep me warm at night, but they certainly know how to burn hours of my life with nothing to show for..

wait what?

Pretty Serious Spoilers from respective shows below!

The Walking Dead


American Horror Story: Asylum

Tread Carefully at Your Own Risk


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Hey-Oh, what’s up!?  Another update on how we’re progressing here on Banana Scoop with a couple of new details on what we’ll be working on for the next week or so.  It’s primarily art announcements where I’m talking about some new icons and pictures I want to replace here and there.  The biggest story of the week is how we recently reached 100,000 views overall which is a big deal for a small blog like ourselves.  Check out the full update below!

An Incredible Marker, our 100,000th Hit

Banana Scoop has some fantastic news to share with you all!  It has received over 100,000 hits in total since it’s first conception!  We’re incredibly blessed and over the year ago I started this blog, there have been a combination of both good and bad times.  The older times where, I was all alone with deadlines all over the place and the good times where I was fortunate enough to be Freshly Pressed, twice.


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