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I love a good montage. Nothing quite says progress (or perhaps a gaping plot hole) like a quick moving, musically depicted action over a period of time. However, with the right combination of clips, soundtrack, and a satisfying end result – a montage can be inspiring, engaging, and epic. Listed below are some of my favorite whirlwinds of non-Sylvester Stallone starring movie and television montages.


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So, in this fancy little infographic I found, you can see that there are a multitude of levels to the geek hierarchy, and though none of them may be the ‘best’ or the ‘coolest’, it’s always interesting to see how people view the sci-fi loving, techno-babble culture that is geek. A lot of the graphics here are misunderstood and rather cliche looks at some forms of geek, with Star Wars fans not always at odds with Star Trek fans or Gadget Geeks ever going camping, but I suppose those are more for giggles than anything else. I found the Internet Geek graphic to be more true to life than anything else on the picture, but that’s only because I see it far too often visiting a site like Reddit or 4Chan. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this rather interesting take on the internet subcultures and how you may or may not fit into the pie chart.

Image: Finding Your Place in Geekdom

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