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Hey all,

I previously drew a picture of The Flash and I recorded my screen while doing so.  And with the help of the Speed Force (embedded in the software ScreenFlow), I was able to speed it up and fit it to some hip beats released by Tasty.  Check out the links and I hope you all enjoy!

I’m having trouble picking my next topic of drawing.  I was going to do a Robin drawing, but I think I might be ready to get back into lady pin ups…Then again, drawing some beastly things from the hotly anticipated Bloodborne could be pretty sweet too.

Help me?

On another note, I’ve got a new actual article coming down the pipe soon.  Some of you might have slipped in the embarrassing window of when it accidentally posted and seen what it was about.  If not, look forward to it!


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Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 8.45.02 PM

Happy 4th of July American readers of Banana Scoop.  I attempted to try to finish one of my bigger projects by this date that would’ve been semi-4th of July themed, but I couldn’t even come close.  I’ve included a teaser of the image above as I’m still in the very rough stages of sketching.  Launch fireworks, eat food, and spend time with good people because this is a day to appreciate everything awesome about ‘Merica.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 4.13.55 PM

As some of you might know, last year I tried to create my own custom website and build it from the ground up.  Thus Fig-TV.com was born and was aimed to focus on my creative and artistic endeavors.  After weeks of slowly learning HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver, I was able to scrape together a very simple layout that became Fig-TV.com.  Fig-TV.com was a way for me to share my art in a layout and format much freer [and more complicated] than blogging mediums like WordPress or tumblr.  After a year, I learned a lot about maintaining your own website and the work that goes into such a thing.  So my year of owning Fig-TV is expiring and I’ve decided to let my subscription to the domain and hosting go and let Fig-TV.com go back into the market, effectively killing the website.

Below I continue to reminisce on what it took to make Fig-TV.com work and why I had to abandon it.


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happy new years

A lot of what I wanted to cover on this day was covered here, but just a reminder that Happy New Year to everyone and may 2014 be blessed with many good things to come!

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justice league christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Below I’ve compiled some appropriate pieces of pop culture that are related to Christmas!


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Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.52.51 PM

If you haven’t already noticed, this blog has been limping in content over the past half year.  I’ve declared its death, I’ve announced its revival, I’ve promised content, I’ve barely delivered.  Life isn’t as concrete as the words one can say and I’ve always been a fan of ‘do, don’t speak’, but here I am speaking once again, hoping the ‘do-ing’ part follows suit.

So for the bazillionth time, Banana Scoop is being put back into regular programming with the promise [that can hopefully be fulfilled] of two articles a week, Tuesday and Thursday.  These articles will cover the many things I’m experiencing that will almost 99.9% of the time will revolve around geek culture: video games (See my Last of Us Review), movies, television, fan-art, and books.

I want to thank all of my long time Banana Scoop supporters: On Life and Stuff, Victor’s Movie Reviews, 2 Dollar Cinema, and Sidekick Reviews.  You were there in the beginning and I’m glad to still have you guys now.  Check out their stuff when you get the chance.

Overall this isn’t the only announcement, continue to read on for the general ‘What’s up with Patrick these days’ summary.


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batman hush

What the what?

For those who don’t know, I made a statement for which I closed this blog after nearly 2 years of updating and sharing with you all my thoughts and opinions on movies, tv, and videogames.  I had essentially left this blog to start a new site Fig-tv.com.  The site is fully functional and features art  and videos created by me.  I’ve ultimately decided that throwing away both the audience I’ve created as well as WordPress’s amazing network abilities would be such a waste.

So I’ve decided to maintain Banana Scoop as a means to updating new images and videos I’ve added to my site.  I’m doing this primarily as a hope to both entertain an audience as well as simultaneously bring some traffic to Fig-tv.com.

I’m very excited in coming back to WordPress after all these weeks and I can’t wait to reconnect with everyone else from the old days.

Expect some updates in the time to come!


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Banana Scoop hasn’t updated in over a month.  We’re not on one of our many famous hiatus or breaks.  It turns out I’ve kind of stopped the wheels on the machine after 150,000 views and nearly 900 posts.  All to say a nearly heartbreaking farewell.

It’s been a blast.

Bananapost.tumblr.com, Bananafeed.wordpress.com, Bananascoop.com.  All three of these things have had such a profound effect on me.  I’ve dumped hours upon hours upon hours into these mediums as a form of expressing myself and my passion about movies, television, and video games.  I’ve learned an insurmountable amount of knowledge regarding how to entertain and run a successful blog over the past 2 years.  I had an idea that this blog would be something I had with me for the rest of my life.  One does not simply walk away from something that has been so important to them in their life.

Bananapost started as a tumblr that was merely dedicated to writing novel reviews and posting geeky images of cool things I found on the internet.  When I found the interface tools too constricting for what I wanted, I went to WordPress for a full blogging experience.  There I built a small but dedicated audience whom I have shared a loving amount of time with.  I found people that shared a similar passion and had joyous times discussing and geeking out about our favorite tv shows and movies.  I had dumped so much of my time into this blog that I was single handedly posting nearly 25 posts a week combining original content and sharing the original content of others.  When I decided to go pro, I upgraded the domain within WordPress to lose the tag and get the feel of a legitimate site.  From there, I even recruited up to 3 contributors who I thank immensely for donating their precious time to help my blog be the absolute best it could be.

I had one of the most unique experiences managing, writing, editing, and formatting this blog. I learned basic HTML, what maximizes viewership, how to properly deal with commenters, spammers, and others.  I was blessed to be Freshly Pressed by WordPress, twice.  I forsaked homework, responsibilities, and lectures to work on this blog and it won’t be something I will ever forget.

But now I turn to another medium.  One that doesn’t have Banana in the name.  One that doesn’t use WordPress as a medium, but a full blown website, built from the ground up by myself.  I am no CS major.  I have never taken a web design class.  I don’t know what HTMLX or what CSS style sheets are or even how to read stats from a website that’s not based on Blogger or WordPress.  I took upon myself to learn the basics and build a website on my own.  I’ve truly never been prouder of myself, if that’s not too vain to say.

This new site isn’t going to be a carbon copy of this site.  If you know me, I have an intense affinity for art and drawing and I intend to make that website solely centered my art and creative works.  The site is launching today and I advise you to drop by to support me.  Thank you for so much Friends, Families, WordPress bloggers, WordPress.com, and everyone else who has supported me in the past.

I look to the future.  Hopefully my new site will be as successful as this one.

New site: Fig-tv.com

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All of us at Banana Scoop would like you wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  Be sure to eat, spend time with friends and family, and be thankful for everything!

I had to forsake my family for a couple of hours to draw this…so appreciate it!

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Yikes, I might’ve skipped last week in terms of articles.  Primarily because I’ve been working on a new project that has been taking a lot of time.  I’ve included the video introduction below.  The video is essentially about me starting up a new site sometime in the future that focuses on something a little bit different from this blog.  Check out the video below.

Woo-hoo, that’s my real voice!  Can you believe it?  Probably not exactly what you expected.  But enough about that, back to the real news.  The shift of focus to art from this movie and television blog will certainly have some repercussions to what I’m prioritizing, but overall I think it’s the right move.  [Ha, be sure to ignore the ‘Banana Scoop is dead in the water quote’, it’s more of a humorous observation than a real statement.]  I’ll still be updating Banana Scoop as often as I am now, with only 1 or 2 passionate articles a week.

The other writers are now more like contributors rather than full time writers, being able to use this blog as a creative outlet medium at their own pace and time.  So I still hope you come by every once in a while to check out what we’re up to.  On a side note,  check below to see a time lapse of an art project I’m working on!


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We here at Banana Scoop just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!  The crew went out in the following costumes:  SoGoCJE as a Pac-Man Ghost, Rachel as a fairy, Ben as a pirate, and Bruce as Abu from Aladdin.

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The unexpected maintenance update definitely warrants something new or crazy here at Banana Scoop.  As a matter of fact, it’s a little bit of both.  As bloggers I’d imagine each and everyone one of you who is reading this [all 4 of you, hi Mom and Dad], might understand the emotional and invigorating feeling you might get when you try to overhaul your blog for the better.  In the past, Banana Scoop made a humungous jump when I first tried to include 15 – 18 posts a week on a regimented schedule and then another big jump when we tried to make that 20-24 posts a week.  Next thing I knew, I had quadrupled the amount of writers on the site [4 x 1 = 4] and we were pumping out so much content weekly.  With so many humungous changes in the past and each as [semi] life changing as the last, we now make another big change, hopefully for the better of the future.   Today’s post is focused on the main point of those changes..And to those I still have on a leash at this point: interwebz points for you.

We’re Reducing Post Frequency by over 80%

Big one.  The number of scheduled posts a week was 24.  Reducing that by 80% brings you to about five posts.  Five posts a week.  That’s a big change and I don’t think we’ve had that since towards the beginning of this blog.  That’s a big change up from 24 and I think it will bring us in the right direction.  The 20 or so posts we’re cutting out are the pictures, videos, and links-related posts that used to litter our site.  Those short posts were essentially the praises of other persons on the internet for their good work and while we liked to praise them for their dedication to pop culture, their promotion made me feel as though Banana Scoop didn’t provide enough of it’s own good work.  So by reducing the numerous posts of others, we’re only doing our original 1000+ word articles.


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Friday, Saturday posts have been postponed due to extreme changes in Banana Scoop format.  Please bear with us until the Sunday Newsletter to get an idea of what major changes will be occurring.  Thank you for understanding.


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A relatively calm week on Banana Scoop.  Nothing too new or crazy.  The biggest news below.

We Tried to Change Our Theme and Failed Miserably

Last Friday, I tried to do something silly by changing themes.  I looked at what the best WordPress themes had to offer and tried to activate and tweak some things.  I tried to Google some things about the best WordPress themes, but many of them were for the WordPress.org themes.  I’ve tried hard into trying a magazine style where we can keep some of the better articles at the top.  A lot of the [free] themes don’t offer enough customization and enough creative freedom, so in my frustration, I reverted back to this old theme.  In the end, I truly mean to migrate to a new site where I can web design and have the customization and creative freedom.

What I’m Watching, Reading, and Drawing This Week

  • Reading: Zombie Survival Guide, Watchmen
  • Watching: Sunday Drama Mayhem [Boardwalk, Dexter], City of God
  • Drawing: Maintenance Banana Scoop Stuff, Adressed Here, hopefully some creepy ghouls and monsters for Halloween

Weekly Preview:


  • Joining Another Cult [TV Show]
  • Bad Piggies Review
  • Assassin’s Creed Parkour
  • What Happens When Batman Meets the Avengers

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Banana Scoop has had its break and it’s been absolutely wonderful.  Our writers were given a break and prepared some really great articles with our newfound reinvigoration.  There’s a lot of neat stuff we’ve planned and want to feature in the coming weeks, like a greater About Us section, a DMCA statement, and then some other things we’ve put on the back burner for a while.  The Scoops gonna come back harder than ever.  Buckle in and prep yourselves.

About Us is Also Live

The long awaited About Us Page is up that features a mini biography about each of our authors.  Be sure to visit that page to contact us and get to know us more.  It would be really neat to further expand this section to include a history section about the what this site franchise has been through [it’s not THAT exciting, but I’ll add a few ninjas and damsels and distress to spice things up.]


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Remembering Tragedy

Art by BlackUniGryphon

It’s been over 10 years since our nation suffered one of its biggest tragedies.  Take some time out of your day to reflect on how blessed you really are and remember those not as lucky as you.

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Scheduled Break and Return

Banana Scoop is still scheduled to take a break in the week from September 16th to September 22nd to give us writers a break from school and other things.  In the meantime, our writers will be doing serious business to make Banana Scoop even better…or we’ll likely be playing Borderlands 2.  All four of us are into Borderlands, so it’s very likely that’s what we’ll be doing on our break.  Speaking of our fourth author…

New Author’s First Post this Week!

Earlier, I posted Rachel as a new author as well as her new avatar.  She’s posting her first article this week, so please visit and support her!  I’m not going to give the topic of her first article away, but it’s totally in league with what this site usually posts, so I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.  Rachel will be posting several times a month with no regimented scheudle unlike the other authors.  She’s going to try out what it’s like to publish for us and hopefully we’ll see her more frequently!

What I’m Doing This Week

art by dadonfuga

  • Reading: Mockingjay, Jurassic Park
  • Drawing: Edward Scissorhands, Harley Quinn, Random Page Button
  • Watching: Mad Men, Party Down, Cabin in the Woods

New Buttons

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve changed the topic buttons as well as Favorite Scoops buttons.  The new topic buttons will reflect some of the things we’ll be reviewing and covering in the future: Borderlands 2, American Horror Story, Dexter, etc.  As always Fig Art subcategory will bring you to my Deviant Art page.

Page Changes and About Us

We’ll be changing up the Pages on the very top soon.  Universidaze and Weekly Calendar’s and maybe even Live Discussion Pages will be going down in favor of some more productive Pages like About Us.  I’m working on finalizing that so people can find out about Banana Scoop and its writers.

Weekly Preview

  • Minecraft Tips and Tricks
  • Mockingjay Review [Hopefully]
  • Similarities Between Brick and Romney
  • Louis CK Stand Up

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Another Banana Scoop week with some minor changes here and there.  A new month here and I wish I had more upcoming changes.  There are a couple of major things I’m trying to keep under wraps, but of course, I wanna keep them as surprises.

Scheduled Break September 16th – 22nd

Banana Scoop will have a scheduled break to allow our writers to catch up and relax.  It is regrettable for this to happen, but I feel as though our writers deserve a break for providing such amazing content to our fan base.  There is only strict coincidence that this is the same week that Borderlands 2 comes out…By no means will I be only playing Borderlands 2 and not writing articles to play catch up…that would be unethical XD.


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Another week on Banana Scoop!  The schedule is going strong despite school trying to muck it up.  And with Ben’s arrival, I’m having an easier time juggling all the maintenance, writing, and drawing.  I may also be scheduling some designated maintenance based on my test schedule that I’ve already written in my calendar.  But otherwise, here’s the rest of this week’s news.

What I’m Watching/Reading/Drawing This Week

  • Watching: Firefly/Serenity Marathon, The Wire Season 5
  • Reading: Mockingjay, Jurassic Park
  • Drawing: SoGoCJE, About Us Drawing

Mockingjay Got Delayed a Week

Mockingjay review was slated to be published last week, but school kinda held me up from reading the book.  And as I’ve found out with the rest of the masses, Mockingjay is a bit of a drag.  The first two were high adrenaline and fast paced, but this particular book is one of the slower ones, and a bit whiney.  A full review hopefully this Friday.

The Possibility of Another New Writer

With Ben getting settled in and possibly taking in more than just his scheduled Wednesday primary article, a new possibility of another writer has arrived!  That would bring our ‘staff’ to 4. This mystery writer would not be a regular poster, but would contribute whenever they could.  We’re very excited at this prospect and we’ll update you all soon again.

Weekly Preview


  • Borderlands 2 Preview and Preparation
  • Reasons to Watch The Newsroom
  • Good TV Shows Becoming Video Games
  • Deadpool at Comic-Con

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I’m both ecstatic and dreading this week.  School starts.  I think it’s more exciting because the weight of school work hasn’t burdened on me yet.  I know I’ll eat those words later this semester when my classes start bearing down on me.  Georgia Tech has a knack for doing that to people.  Other than that, nothing much else is new on Banana Scoop here.  Ben starts his rotation on Wednesday this week, minor maintenances updates, etc.  Read below for the full Scoop.

School Begins this Week

So school starts this week.  As I mentioned above, it’s a mixed feeling.  Mostly good, but I know what I’m in for.  Long nights, impossible tests, foreign instructors, and no mercy.  So is the life of an engineer in training.  As odd as it sounds, I feel as though Banana Scoop will surge at some point because I use this blog as an outlet for the stress.  But as I’ve been warning for the past couple of weeks, all it means is that prepare yourself for frequent breaks throughout the semester.

Ben Starts His Article This Week

We announced Ben’s new status as a writer and we’re all very excited to see what he has to contribute.  His weekly publishings will be on Wednesdays at 11:00 EST.

Maintenance Updates

The Maintenance updates widgit hasn’t been updated in a while and I mean to fix that sometime this week to better reflect what’s going on.

Weekly Preview

  • Mockingjay Review
  • Fall TV Preview
  • Bill Hader is Hilarious
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt is Awesome

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