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So The Flash pilot leaked and the internet is exploding with all sorts of hype and freak outs.  I was able to watch it and I have to say that I was absolutely floored with how good it was.  Yes, it’s true that pilots are normally a lot stronger than the rest of the season due to it’s sole purpose of getting the series picked up and yes, one could worry about the drop in investment on quality writing and special effects in the rest of the episodes, and yes…yadda yadda yadda yadda.  As I watched the Flash, I realized that despite even considering about worrying about all of these potential drop offs, this episode had so much fun, action, comedy, and set up all in one episode, it legitimately gives me hope that the creators of the Flash will be taking smart notes from Arrow’s book in continuing to create a full season’s worth of quality episodes.  So here’s a break down of what I thought about the Flash pilot below.

This review contains no major plot spoilers, but does contain images from the leaded episode that can contain sensitive information.

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From  before, I know I have said that I’m catching up on a plethora of television shows.  Out of all the shows I caught up on: Luther, The League, Orphan Black, and American Horror Story, the show I was most hyped to be watching was Arrow.  Of course some of these other shows are more acclaimed and might have more depth when written about, but being a DC fanboy, Arrow gets it’s own Banana Scoop post versus the consolidated reviews of all the shows I watched over this winter break that’ll be posted in a couple of weeks.  So this post will generally cover the one and a half seasons I saw and includes the things I liked and the stories I’m very excited for.  But first, a quick summary…

Oliver Queen was a spoiled son of a major CEO in Starling City.  When he goes on a boat ride with his father, the ship gets capsized and Oliver ends up on an island where he is forced to survive for five years.  Here, he learned tools of survival while being confronted with life threatening situations.  When he is found and returned to Starling City, he is a new man, charged with a mission to cleanse his decaying city.  To do this, he becomes a vigilante, inspiring fear into the criminals who have plagued Starling City for too long.  However, Oliver’s past comes back to haunt him.  His five years on the island include baggage that affects his family and work.  How does he systematically take back his city? Watch Arrow on the CW to find out.


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When you come across ‘best tv shows ever’ lists, you’ll see a hodgepodge of obvious award winning television shows like The Wire, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, etc.  Every once in a while, you’ll come across a little known UPN/CW show called Veronica Mars.  Back then, I would scoff and say how weird this Dawson’s Creek/Gillmore Gills look-a-like made this list?  I mean a show about the dramas of little ‘ol highschoolers?  How is this ABC Familiy-esque TV show getting such high praise?  So I threw it in the back of my head and judged the judgements of others and claimed that it must have been some sort of fluke.

And then that Kickstarter happened.  Creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter asking loyal Veronica Mars fans to help make their dream come true by asking the unreal sum of $2,000,000.  Twenty four hours later, the goal was broken and the final sum of the Kickstarter ended past $5,000,000.  So I had it.  That was it.  I had to see what the big deal was about.  Who was this Veronica Mars and why was she so special?  What could compel fans enough to throw $5,000,000 at the promise of a movie about some non-premium cable TV show?  How does a such a rabid fan base exist that I’m not a part of yet?  I investigated all these by finally catching up on the three seasons of Veronica Mars in preparation for the movie.  And now I just wish I was a fan earlier, so I could too help support this much needed cause.


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