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Arrow vs. Flash

Sometime in the last couple of weeks, I got to see The Flash and Green Arrow team up.  There was playful banter, crossing of super hero teams, and clashes in physical and mental approaches to situations.    In the big crossover event between CWs The Flash and Arrow, I got to see in live action what I’ve only seen in animated movies and comic books for DC characters.  Marvel has been dominant with their franchise so far.  They were first to get a team of heroes all on one screen to fight a larger threat and it was freaking awesome.

And I’m saying that as a DC fan.  Since 2008, Marvel Studios has hammered down their connected universe and are even backed with Marvel movies from Fox and Sony.  Even though not all of these movies are true cinematic gems, I still watched them, I probably enjoyed them, and then they all made lots of money.

So where’s DC in all of this?  2008 was the latest highpoint in the DC cinematic universe with the release of The Dark Knight.  We got Green Lantern, The Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel, but let’s be honest, no one holds a close enough candle to say Avengers, Captain America 2, and more recently Guardians of the Galaxy.  And comparitively, Marvel and the affiliated studios have been releasing up to three movies a year vs. Warner Bros./DC’s 1.

So all in all the cinematic candle won’t come close until 2016 when DC finally kicks off its connected cinematic universe with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  And they still might not come close.  But action stews further away from the silver screen.  But what about the smaller screen candle?

DC has taken to television before.  Besides animated favorites like Justice League, Teen Titans, and Young Justice, shows like Smallville, The Flash (1990), and Birds of Prey were somewhat popular.  But now in this age of where superhero and comic book based media isn’t lame anymore, DC has really let their shows fly and their audiences with them.



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I love television.  But I sometimes don’t realize not everyone is as fortunate as I am to have access to all the television.  Happy Endings, Jon Stewart, Louis CK, HBO, and more is technically all American Television.  Morning Glow has compiled a list of 20 gifs that encompass the best of American TV well.  Be sure to check out the list and if you like even half of the shows on the list, you should check out the rest because they’lll likely fit your taste as well.

American TV is the Best TV

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You don’t need me to explain what this image is. But if it’s too long and didn’t feel like reading, it essentially summarizes how all television shows act. This algorithm applies to both comedies and dramas and maybe even reality shows [eh maybe not, I was tired of Jersey Shore since season 1]. It’s true that most episodes hit their stride in season 3 and 4 because the writers are truly comfortable with their characters. Soon enough they become cash cows to live long enough hit the zombie years. Enough of my garbage, scroll back up and read the image by cracked again. Be sure to visit Cracked.com or Viruscomix.com to support the wit.

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Community is a show for geeks.  No, not in the same way Big Bang Theory is for geeks, where obvious and overplayed stereotypes are the jokes [my dislike for CBS knows no bounds], but in a clever, cool-geek-chic type of way.  They do parodies of gangster films, had an entire episode dedicated to being a video game, and constantly refer to tons of movie and other television culture.  Here’s a list of some of the more geekier moments.

Community’s Geekiest Moments

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Warming Glow has picked up on the 25 most watched television shows out there and when I took a look at the list, I nearly cried.  America as a whole is watching really sh!tty television.  American Idol, NCIS, Rob?!  And if you include cable, there are things like WWE, Pawn Stars and Spongebob.  It’s almost upsetting.  I personally don’t watch any of these shows, yet I watch a TON of television.  It doesn’t even make sense with how much television I watch and consider ‘great television’ doesn’t even make this list.

The Top 25 Television Shows Watched are Absolute Garbage

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