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ww final drawing

Drew my favorite part of Batman V Superman!


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Hey everybody! Here’s a quick videoblog summarizing my continuous journey to catching up on the best DC Comics has to offer!

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wonder woman wallpaper

Quickly drew some Wonder Woman fan art.  I’m adjusting to a new computer, so I’m keeping my drawings relatively simple for now.  Hope you all enjoy it!

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wonderwoman final wallpaper

I made another shot at Wonder Woman because I wanted a wallpaper on my computer screen that I drew.  My two previous attempts were okay at best and I’m much more satisfied with this version.  This one didn’t take long, only about an hour and a half or so for the whole thing.  Tried to record a speed draw of it, but my software crapped out on me :/.

Things will slow down even more for a variety of reasons:

  • School career fairs
  • General job hunting
  • Crazy high level lab reports

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The Gang by Chubeto

The Gang by Chubeto

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge DC fanatic, and I enjoy soaking up just about any and all things DC related, whether they be their comics, video games, movies, and television shows.  I have dedicated today’s post to their much beloved animated series that they’ve been pumping out since 1992 (maybe even earlier, I’m note entirely sure).  They continue to produce quality television shows and animated movies to this day, although some for the wrong [but necessary] reasons.  My recent finishing of the television series Young Justice has prompted me to write this post and kind of cover all the great things about DC’s [or I guess Warner Bros.] animated divisions.  It’s very clear that a lot of these great shows and movies were created by comic book lovers who enjoy introducing legendary and fantastic characters in the DC universe as well as dropping hints, easter eggs, and callbacks to those who are engaged and already familiar with the DC Universe.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the recent and personally significant series and movies I’ve had the pleasure of viewing.


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wonder woman 1280

I got a pang to draw more DC heroes after my Zatanna drawing and I decided to redraw Wonder Woman after my derpy interpretation in the past.  I admit, this is still a little derpy, but I’m definitely trying to a weird medium between pure cartoon and semi-realism.  Anyways, it came out kind of okay, and I’m getting more and more surprised with how quickly I finish these with this particular piece being clocked in at about a little over 2 hours.  Does that mean if I focus more time I can get more quality results?  I dunno.  I’ve never had a project that has taken over 5 or 6 hours max on my Cintiq, maybe it’s time I try.

Anyways, let me know if you guys have any comments or questions.

I have Black Carnival stuff also, but I’m just waiting for the opportune time to share it.

Also, here is a speed art video below.

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ww 800


Here’s a quick one-day sketch of Diana Prince who is also known as Wonder Woman. I’m a bit on a DC bend right now.  Expect more DC heroes, particularly the Bat family.  I got Batgirl in the works.  Might go towards the 3 remaining Robins I haven’t done.  Might go towards some villains.  And of course the B-man himself.  Any who, I’m still trying to find my ‘style’ so to speak, so expect some variations.

As for Black Carnival stuff, I’m not entirely sure where I want to go with it.  With summer here, I have the time to return to a strip a week, but I’ve considered heavy rewrites and of course more concept art changes.  When I have something more solid, I’ll update everyone.

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wonderwoman guns

My first venture into DC comics was through some of the classics: The Killing Joke, The Long Halloween, The Dark Knight Returns, and Knightfall.  Sooner or later, I continued to pick up other Batman titles like Hush, Death in the Family, and Arkham Asylum.  I picked up everything that was considered Batman essential stories and sat proud of my collection of DC titles.  I continued to pick up a few DC imprints like Vertigo comics such as Fables and Y: The Last Man, further cementing my status as a DC fanboy.

What I hadn’t considered in the past was exploring other main DC titles.  For a while I was perfectly content with my collection.  Then I stumbled upon a fan webcomic created by Yale Stewart known as JL8.  This web comic series, based on the Justice League as if they were eight year old children, really compelled me to explore some of the other DC characters.  As a result I purchased The New 52 Justice League, happily reveling in the adult version of JL8.  But as I read Justice League, I slowly became interested in the individual members of the Justice League.  After some research, I’ve found that although Superman is one of the most popular superheroes in the DC universe, his beginning New 52 wasn’t as highly acclaimed as some of his co-League members.  Two heroes that have gotten a lot of acclaim were Wonder Woman and surprisingly Aquaman.  So I picked up whatever current volumes existed for these two super heroes.  I quickly learned that DC isn’t only ‘just Batman’.

The volumes covered in this article include:

  • Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench, written by Geoff Johns & illustrated  by Ivan Reiss
  • Aquaman Vol. 2: The Others, written by Geoff Johns & illustrated by Ivan Reiss
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood, written by Brian Azzarello & illustrated by Cliff Chiang

Minimal Spoilers ahead


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