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Banana Scoop has had its break and it’s been absolutely wonderful.  Our writers were given a break and prepared some really great articles with our newfound reinvigoration.  There’s a lot of neat stuff we’ve planned and want to feature in the coming weeks, like a greater About Us section, a DMCA statement, and then some other things we’ve put on the back burner for a while.  The Scoops gonna come back harder than ever.  Buckle in and prep yourselves.

About Us is Also Live

The long awaited About Us Page is up that features a mini biography about each of our authors.  Be sure to visit that page to contact us and get to know us more.  It would be really neat to further expand this section to include a history section about the what this site franchise has been through [it’s not THAT exciting, but I’ll add a few ninjas and damsels and distress to spice things up.]



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I personally do enjoy the bliss of silence.  And many of you who’ve played video games understand that every once in a while, you’ll have a protagonist who essentially goes along with the flow.  He/She doesn’t protest nor do he/she have anything to say about a particularly horrible incident.  Sometimes these are detrimental to the plot and sometimes it’s just the way some people are.  UGO has compiled a list of their favorites silent protagonists.  I unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to play as number 1.  Someone recommend that I do and I just might take them up on that offer…

Silent Videogame Protagonists

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Last Tuesday, I gave a maintenance update regarding the state of the blog and what we have in store, and I kinda felt as though we should do that every week!  I like keeping you guys updated with how I’m doing and some of the personal feelings I have towards this blog sometimes.  I’d like for you guys to think that this blog is more than just me posting a lot of cool stuff I find, and that it’s about discussing/geeking out about how much I love popular culture.  Reaching out to you guys almost seems meta.  So like many other scheduled events on this blog, Tuesday Maintenance Letters will try to be a thing these days.  There’s always something I want to be doing for this blog, so I think sharing with you guys what I do will not only tighten our cyber bond, but also make you notice all the effort I put into things that aren’t necessarily obvious XD.

List of Scheduled Events

Weekly Preview – A preview of the more exciting articles that will be posted on Banana Scoop in the upcoming week
Sunday Sketch – Amateur drawings that I create and upload to share with you all

____ Review – All good television is premiered on Sunday [Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dexter, etc.], so it’s only natural that I post reviews on them the following day

Maintenance Newsletter – A post regarding what’s new with Banana Scoop in the format area as well as what’s to come

Universidaze – A webcomic created by me that features the [mostly] fictional lives of two college kids

Saturday Reblog – Anyone who posts a comment throughout the week gets put into a pool where I choose a lucky winner to get reblogged by us!
Weekend Funnies – 24 hilarious images collected from the deep corners of the interwebs.

Read on below about what’s new with our blog as of recently.


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