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Have you watched Glow? I just finished it this weekend and had to draw one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. I’ve never even watched wrestling and was so taken by the characters and 80s aesthetic.

Tried a pretty different style than before. New brushes and tried to soften the line art in favor of a deeper palette and shadows. Took significantly longer, but new techniques often do. Looking forward to the next one.

Now if only Marc Maron’s character was as fun to draw as Zoya here.


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Daredevil opening

You’ve heard a great number of things from me that praise the DC television universe and the path they’re taking.  I even somewhat criticized Marvel’s approach by having their connected universe holding them back from making big picture stories that truly affected the universes they were in.  An example I used was that the DCTV universe can use Ras al Ghul, Solomon Grundy, and even Deathstroke, all of which are fairly big names in the DC fictional universe, without needing to hold back on waiting for a movie adaptation green light.  I thought this was a weakness for Marvel’s TV universe, which until Daredevil was only affecting Agents of Shield and maybe Peggy Carter.  A weakness that was defined for NOT having super powerful and well known villains or heroes compelling the story.  Enter Daredevil.

Daredevil is a perfect way to counter this argument as he is the common man’s hero, which makes the television layout, budget, and story to be a perfect and believable medium of introduction.  The televised layout is great here.  We’re given time to truly see how disgusting Hell’s Kitchen is, not just hear how bad it is through character dialogue.  There is a glorious amount of time given to the rest of the main cast, making each person earn a place in your memory.  The pacing is great and mixes a great balance of origin story and intriguing conflict.

Overall I was very satisfied with Daredevil.  As a primary DC reader, the Marvel Universe only goes as far as their cinematics, and it’s incredibly exciting not knowing what happens to what and who becomes who.  Daredevil was just so well put together and fired so well on so many cylinders of entertainment. Being this pleased with this show even made me consider whether or not I would actually enjoy DCTV if I didn’t exactly know every little aspect and detail in their TV shows and mistake getting the reference for actual entertainment.

Below is a light-spoiler analysis of Daredevil and why I think its particularly effective at making it a great season 1.


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the whole gang

Orange is the New Black aired on Netflix this past weekend and what a rush it has been binge watching the up and down roller coaster  that the second season was.  Following a similar structure as the first season, but mixing new elements such as new characters, an all-affecting conflict, and a different direction that shows that Litchfield has more problems than what Piper is directly dealing with.  The flashbacks return, showing welcome light on some of the older and lesser used character in the first season and we even get development on characters we really despised in the first season.  Orange is the New Black season 2 confirms that even the worst/best people have a shade of gray which makes us re-question our loyalty.  I know several times over my live-tweet marathon of the show that some of my tweets can be easily reversed based on some of the dynamic changes my favorite characters went through.

Anyways, today’s post is a further breakdown of what I thought of the season.

Spoilers ahead!  Watch this series if you haven’t!

All images are attributed and owned by Netflix


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From Uproxx

In the years following the original Arrested Development run comedy nerds — yours truly included — have been going out of their way to point out to anyone who will listen just how brilliant the show is/was. One common way of going about that on the internet is the good ole easter eggs/buried joke/running gag/layered bit list. They’re everywhere. You can get lost for days in the AD Wikia. Even earlier this week our friends at Splitsider put together quite the comprehensive guide to buried jokes that is a must check out for anyone already nervous about their Instant streaming quality come 2013.

And now with David Cross telling Rolling Stone that what Mitch Hurwitz is doing with the revival of the show is so “layered” that it “makes Lost look like a Spalding Grey monologue” I officially have to get in on the action. But I’m not looking to put together a thesis, just an easily digestible crash course to the subtle, layered jokes that anyone who considers themselves a fan of the Bluths should be aware of going into their much-anticipated return.

Arrested Development Trivia Gems

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Not from actual set, duh

From Uproxx

What do they tell us? They tell us that Portia de Rossi and David Cross — who play husband and wife, Lindsay and Tobias Funke — are at the airport, collecting their luggage, and that Michael Bluth is picking them up. Also, that Tobias looks like he’s doing an E.T. impression and Lindsay is still totally bangin’ in the high heels and jeans. Or maybe David Cross and Portia de Rossi are simply flying in from somewhere, and Jason Bateman is picking them up so they can continue to discuss how they’re in cahoots with Nikki Finke and messing with all of America by making up this entire movie.

Key words are Portia de Rossi is still banging, even at age 39.  Anyone else pumped for Arrested Development?  I’ve recently begun watching it again.

Portia De Rossi is Still Kicking It

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Netflix has gloriously taken it upon themselves to broadcast the new mini season of Arrested Development.  This begs the questions: why on Earth don’t all people cut the middle men and skip network programming altogether.  We’re moving into an age, where [at least in my opinion] television is largely watched through our computers.  How convinient all that would be!  Anywho, back to this post, following Arrested Development, The Street compiled 10 canceled television shows that should be revived in the same manner as Arrested Development.  Some got their due [like Firefly above], but not everyone is always happy.

Series Netflix Should Revive

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