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This is a really cool video regarding Minecraft!  The Creeper is one of the most feared creatures in the Minecraft world, and they’re kinda mysterious when it comes to where they come from.  On a developer’s note, apparently it was a pig design gone wrong, but in terms of game history, it’s hard to say.  To be honest, Minecraft doesn’t really reveal too much about story in the first place.  So I suppose we’ll just believe fan-made videos like these until the developers come up with something better.

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From Cracked:

Aside from some jogging scenes in “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out,” the training montage never really made the transition from movies to video games. We asked you to show us what we’re missing out on, and why in some cases, that’s probably a good thing.

Classes Required for Video Game Characters

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I thought I’d share this gem for those of you that haven’t seen it yet. Someone has managed to bring the world of Minecraft into Skyrim, complete with Steve and a few other additions, this mod for the popular Bethesda title has been stirring a lot of talk recently. Though I personally have no feelings about the game, I’m fairly certain there are many of you out there that absolutely can’t stop playing it. Here’s to you, dragonborn! Also, nothing beats getting into a fistfight with a minecraft zombie…

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