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Scheduled Break and Return

Banana Scoop is still scheduled to take a break in the week from September 16th to September 22nd to give us writers a break from school and other things.  In the meantime, our writers will be doing serious business to make Banana Scoop even better…or we’ll likely be playing Borderlands 2.  All four of us are into Borderlands, so it’s very likely that’s what we’ll be doing on our break.  Speaking of our fourth author…

New Author’s First Post this Week!

Earlier, I posted Rachel as a new author as well as her new avatar.  She’s posting her first article this week, so please visit and support her!  I’m not going to give the topic of her first article away, but it’s totally in league with what this site usually posts, so I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.  Rachel will be posting several times a month with no regimented scheudle unlike the other authors.  She’s going to try out what it’s like to publish for us and hopefully we’ll see her more frequently!

What I’m Doing This Week

art by dadonfuga

  • Reading: Mockingjay, Jurassic Park
  • Drawing: Edward Scissorhands, Harley Quinn, Random Page Button
  • Watching: Mad Men, Party Down, Cabin in the Woods

New Buttons

If you haven’t already noticed, we’ve changed the topic buttons as well as Favorite Scoops buttons.  The new topic buttons will reflect some of the things we’ll be reviewing and covering in the future: Borderlands 2, American Horror Story, Dexter, etc.  As always Fig Art subcategory will bring you to my Deviant Art page.

Page Changes and About Us

We’ll be changing up the Pages on the very top soon.  Universidaze and Weekly Calendar’s and maybe even Live Discussion Pages will be going down in favor of some more productive Pages like About Us.  I’m working on finalizing that so people can find out about Banana Scoop and its writers.

Weekly Preview

  • Minecraft Tips and Tricks
  • Mockingjay Review [Hopefully]
  • Similarities Between Brick and Romney
  • Louis CK Stand Up

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Banana Scoop has a new contributor!  Her name is Rachel and she’ll be posting several times a month.  Not only does she have a lot of opinions on movies, books, video games, she’s also got something Banana Scoop hasn’t had yet: a female perspective on things.  Read more about her joining in the Weekly Newsletter posted later today!

Rachel chose to have a coffee mug as her avatar.  I initially went with a more mature looking coffee cup, but she recommended a softer side, so I added some more innocent features to her.  I had a lot of fun playing with the spilt coffee above, despite if it’s a little bit superfluous   Regardless, I hope she likes her new avatar!

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