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To put it lightly, I think I nearly doubled my game library this year.  I had a well paying job that allowed me to splurge for myself in ways I really haven’t in the past.  With all this new disposable income [insert ‘Thanks Obama’ meme here], I managed to purchase a number of games I’ve never played before in addition to the many incredible releases that came out this year.  And as a year ends, it’s pretty obvious that every blogger in the world is going to be coming up with the “Best of 2013” lists.  So naturally I’m just doing my duty as another blogger, who doesn’t have the time or wit to come up with something more original.

Truth be told, the number 1 shouldn’t surprise you, it’s pretty much one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, but it might be interesting to see the other games I’ve taken a hand at this past year.  If you’re doubting my nerd cred, these games do not take into account the older games that were released in other times that I’ve picked up [These titles include Minecraft, League of Legends, and Shadow the Colossus, Sly Cooper, etc].

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