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You may or may not want to read the article linked here before continuing onward to the rest of the article. This week I talk about where the industry is headed after reading some alleged testimonies from various employees at major game publishing companies such as EA or Activision. While these intervies/reviews of the companies may be entirely false, I’m operating under the assumption that they are in fact employed at said companies. If it turns out that I am wrong, then I recant the following… (more…)

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So, in a rather strange twist of reality, a hacker was apparently recently asked to break into the e-mail accounts of not only the Call of Duty creator’s e-mails, but most of Infinity Ward in a suit against the company by Activision. The hacker, once denied assistance by Microsoft, went to more shady business dealings to get the job done. The details are still hazy, but apparently Activision must want to win this case something awful if they resorted to hiring a hacker to steal e-mails. Read the full story in the article sourced below and let us know what you think of this entire debacle.

Source: Hacker Enlists Microsofts Help Breaking Into IW E-mails

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