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Episode 10! Double digits! Hurricane E3 has flattened the gaming sphere. We go all over the map this episode as we glide from game to game sharing our innermost feelings and emotions. We cover EVERYTHING :)))

[03:45] – Horizon: Zero Dawn
[08:20] – No Man’s Sky
[11:15] – Fallout
[18:40] – Backwards Compatibility
[27:30] – VR and AR
[42:00] – Uncharted
[54:30] – Star Wars Battlefront
[59:30] – Halo and Gears of War


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Hey guys, a while ago, I plugged a podcast I was participating in.  We’ve returned to the video format as well as being on iTunes.

This is Episode 8! We are hyped for our Pre-E3 2015 show! We run through many of the notable games, preview the press conferences, take a trip around the rumor mill, and make some predictions of our own.

[05:00] – E3 2015 Games
[50:24] – E3 Press Conferences
[61:30] – E3 Rumor Mill
[70:06] – E3 Predictions


FreeBrunch Gaming

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So we’ve seen what Nintendo intends to bring to the next generation. The WiiU is comprised of a console and a tablet-like controller that allows you far more immersion into the gaming world than we’ve had originally, but that’s always been Nintendo’s survival tool. They strayed away from the normal controller based gameplay in favor of something motion based, giving the player essentially free reign to a degree on what they did in a game. Slashing the air ended up cutting down an enemy in game, and multiple other actions did other things not to mention the variety of mini games made endlessly fun (I.E. Mario Party). My question concerning that is, “what comes next?”. While we can easily look at Nintendo, who have already spoiled their next gen console for the masses and say, “That was obviously the next step in their evolution.”, is it really all that simple? Sure enough we’re all pretty bias considering we already know what they’re bringing to the party, but I can’t say that I would have said that a few months ago when speculation was still the norm. (more…)

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Did You Know Gaming is an amazing tumblr-like website that updates everyday with a random tid-bit about gaming.  To both the hardcore and casual gamers, these little facts and trivia pieces about some of our beloved games range from thoughtful nods to jaw dropping moments.  I’ve compiles a couple of my favorites, but you should do yourself a favor and check out the website itself to view dozens upon dozens of random facts about your favorite games.


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As a followup to a post I did a while back, another article has risen concerning the possible banning of the 360 console in the United States. In retaliation to being sued by Microsoft over multiple patents that phone company Motorola should have been paying for, the cellphone provider counter-sued with their own patent complaints, citing multiple patents that Microsoft had breached that are currently in use on their console system. It turns out that back in April, a judge had ruled that Microsoft did indeed infringe upon a few of the patents it was accused of violating. Read more about the case in the source article below and let me know what you think!

Source: IGN Article

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My main article following this one will be much more in depth than what you see right now. This is just a short article to get myself into the writing mood and allow my muse to help me get a grasp on things. Anyway, like the article says this will be a short intro to my thoughts and observations about E3 2012. First and foremost, Microsoft. While they had a spectacular opening half, I felt that they kind of dwindled and went too long on the Nike/Sports section. Additionally I think a bigger bang would have been leaving Halo 4 or Gears of War for the ending as opposed to Black Ops 2. Overall Microsoft didn’t wow me in comparison to…say…Ubisoft, Sony or Nintendo. EA and Ubisoft were on point, but I’ll cover that later on in Thursday’s big review. Sony had some amazing exclusives that I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on, and Nintendo brought the same thing they always do. Unfortunately, Nintendo seemed a little lackluster this year as well, with the only thing to catch my eye being Nintendoland and Majora’s Mask, but who doesn’t LOVE Majora’s Mask? Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I give you guys the detailed review and my thoughts about the major press conferences of E3 2012.

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Alright, so as we’ve seen so far during Microsoft’s E3 conference, they have a heavy hitting lineup that starts off with a very anticipated sequel, Halo 4. From what we’ve seen there’s some Forerunner technology loose, and apparently a USMC ship going down on some foreign planet that just so happens to have the chief on it. Also, there’s a giant metal ball going around killing things. Moving along, we’ve also seen a brand new Splinter Cell game, in which you bring back Sam in an attempt to bring down a world-wide terrorist cell. Additionally, we saw a trailer for a new Gears of War game titled Judgement and a new Forza game, Horizon, which looks sexy as all heck. that’s about all I’ve got for you game junkies today, so I’ll cover more in Wednesday’s article.

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Alright guys, this is it. This is the big moment of the year that every gamer looks forward to. This is the time when Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and a slew of other gaming companies announce their plans for the rest of the year. For those of you who don’t know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short, is the most prestigious and spoiler-packed event of the year for any and all gamers. Hopefully this year we will be able to see what each company has planned for the future, and personally I’m looking forward to a Borderlands 2 spoiler as well as something pertaining to Final Fantasy XIII Versus. Anyway, if you want to keep up with the event like me, stay tuned to Kotaku.

How to Keep Up With E3’s Biggest News

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So, if you may or may not heard, David Shaw, judge of the International Trade Commission, has filed a case in which he states that Microsoft infringed upon five patents held by Motorola, and should immediately cease the importation of every single Xbox 360 console into the United States and pay 7% of all unsold console prices directly to the cell phone manufacturer. If the International Trade Commission (ITC for short) agree with Shaw’s statement, then their recommendation will end up in the hands of the President. I’m not sure whether or not this will go through, although I highly doubt it would be as severe as the article stated. On the other hand, if Microsoft is forced to pull the 360 from stores across the nation, I don’t know what else will happen to the console. I’m sure it won’t be pretty.

Source: 360 May be Banned from Sale

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