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None can escape her pain.  And by pain, I mean the 3 second snare that will most certainly kill you.

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Things don’t get more snowbally than this.  I kind of chose Viktor as a goofy pick because I really enjoy playing him even though his lack of escape can truly get me into trouble.  I’ve always had faith in his damages, and by the end of the video, one laser and transfer blew up an enemy Ahri.  I should start building death fire grasp on him…


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The two parts that are really worth watching:

25:00 – PENTA! Almost…

33:00 – Denying a Darius Dunk with 130 HP

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Laning as Zyra in the mid lane in Silver V Ranked Solo Queue.  I’ll be improving the quality for future videos, this first one was a bit of a test run. Enjoy!

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orianna screen crack

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything League related, but in May of 2013, I posted my five favorite champions that I like to take on Summoners Rift.  Times change, you get better, and patches change EVERYTHING.  Which means new champs are fitting the bill in order to successfully getting to that enemy Nexus.  So I’m here to tell you the new favorites I like picking in champion select these days and as you’ll be able to tell, it’s become quite different from what it used to be.

If you’re curious of where I’m at the ladder these days, as of late, I’ve been dancing around Silver IV & Silver V.


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