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the walking dead lee and clem

For a while now, The Walking Dead franchise has been buzzing like a fly around manure.  The cult comic book got a television adaptation that brought the names Rick Grimes & Daryl Dixon to becoming a household name.  Unfortunately, the original creator of the characters, Robert Kirkman, still isn’t so much a household name, nor is his glorious comic book.  A year ago, two games carrying the franchise name were inevitably released.  One revolved around the television show’s original creations, The Dixon brothers, and was critically panned.  The other one, which was created by Telltale Games, was more based on the universe created from Kirkman’s comic book and generated an enormous amount of buzz, even gathering several Game of the Year rewards.

So what made the comic book adaptation game better than the television adaptation game?  It must be better zombie killing weapons or better graphics right?  Wrong.  Telltale’s The Walking Dead is much different from any other game I’ve ever played, and it’s one game that I won’t long forget for a long time.

Minor spoilers from the game, none that will ruin your experience.

You’re put into the body of Lee Everett, who is a college professor on his way to prison after murdering the man who his wife cheated on with.  The zombie apocalypse gives him a second chance when he runs into a young girl, Clementine.  Amongst thousands of zombies, untrusting allies, and brutal mercenaries, Lee finds himself doing whatever it takes to protect Clementine.


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