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final deena kinda

A project I didn’t get around to finishing.  Was gonna do my Champion of Ash, Deena, to celebrate me finishing Dark Souls III.  I experimented with a drawing style and it kind of blew up in my face.  Distance from the project and moving past Dark Souls III kinda made me feel uninspired to finish.  Decided to post what I started, even though what I envisioned originally was a lot more intricate.


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Hunter Deena 1280

It’s a couple of months late, but here’s a drawing of my hunter from Bloodborne. With a strength and arcane build, my hunter threw out Logarius’ Wheel with a vengeance and sprayed down her enemies with Rosmarinus.  After all the bloodshed, a cup of tea will help calm the nerves.

A Youtube Speeddrawing:

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From freeBrunch

Dicing through layer 2 of the Lower Pthumeru chalice dungeon with the myth, the legend, the FigFire! Coop Bloodborne took the game to the next level for us. Chalice dungeons are perfect for coop since they aren’t story content but are ripe with enemies and loot. This was just one layer of one chalice. The secrets of Bloodborne await!

“Chalice Dungeons in Bloodborne are vast underground ruins deep beneath the city of Yharnam. They offer a chance to experience Bloodborne’s sense of exploration, danger and reward in all new ways. Hunters can access these multi-leveled dungeons by performing a Chalice Ritual.”


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