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Art by 2013

League of Legends has essentially consumed my life these past days.  Of all the free time I have, it’s usually spent either drawing, Minecraft, or League of Legends.  I’m still a rising Summoner, only about level 20 or so, but I’m learning fast.  Of course, I have my favorite Champions to use that I feel most effective with.  I’ve decided to compile my favorite Champs that I’ve used in the past could of weeks I’ve been grinding the game with.  And whether it’s a crushing victory of a blowing defeat, I always have fun playing these 5 champs.  Here they are in no particular order.

As of late, I have a knack and tendency to pick up not very used champs and trying to make hem work.  I try to stay away from the heavily favored champs that professionals use like Kha’zix, Rengar, Draven, Jayce, etc.  If it’s mainstream, then it’s not my jam.


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This is a cool College Humor video that’s been around for a good amount of time, [I remember showing this to some friends in High School and I’ve been gone from High School for a LONG time].  It parodies serious action movies by applying the idea to the computer game Minesweeper.  Hilarious enough, there are some classic movie cliches as well as some absurdist dialogue.  They put some Sin City spin on it [which I think is misplaced, but whatever].

On another note, I actually learned how to play Minesweeper from this video.  But I still suck.  I’d rather play Minecraft.

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Maintenance Alert!  Time to learn what the scoop is on Banana Scoop.  It’s a relatively light week this week.  This newsletter primarily talks about school coming soon and how things will change in response to that.  Read on below for all the latest news with us.

School Incoming Means Less Banana Scoop

Truth be told, I’m both excited and distraught that school is starting soon.  I get to move back out of my parent’s house, live autonomously for a year, be in the company of other intellectuals, watch a ton of movies and television, party every once in a while, etc..  But there’s one drawback…it’s fcking school.  Studying, studying, studying is the other end of the spectrum.  Huffington Post just recently labeled Georgia Tech as the 24th best University in the World and while I’m definitely proud of that, it entails how competitive the school must be to keep that ranking.

So when all the studying comes around, I’ll likely have less time to do Banana Scoop which means there will be a break or two every couple of months during the hard test weeks.  I’ll do my best to stay on top of things, but you know how things catch up.  I do have a solution or two in mind…which brings me to my next point.


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