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You may or may not want to read the article linked here before continuing onward to the rest of the article. This week I talk about where the industry is headed after reading some alleged testimonies from various employees at major game publishing companies such as EA or Activision. While these intervies/reviews of the companies may be entirely false, I’m operating under the assumption that they are in fact employed at said companies. If it turns out that I am wrong, then I recant the following… (more…)

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Or not. Receiver, created by Wolfire, is an interesting game that was developed in an astonishing seven days. Despite not being gods, the people over at Wolfire know how to create a compelling experience in a very short amount of time. Showcasing permanent death as a feature in the game, it’s not so much the game changing every time you die as you starting a new character on a brand new world. Either way, it looks like an interesting enough game to keep tabs on. I have yet to give it a whirl, so if any of you know anything more about it, let me know! Also, check out the article below for more information.

Source: Receiver

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For all of you Mass Effect fans it is time to rejoice! Despite being an idea created by deviantart user lupodirosso, this idea has gained some backing through internet forums and news aggregation sites alike, including Kotaku and Reddit. Though we don’t know how long it will take before people start sporting Wrex or Garrus inspired hoodies, the fact that someone has taken time out of their busy (or not so busy) day to craft these for us means that at least someone, somewhere will definitely want to be paying for something along these lines. Kotaku has already stated that similar designs have been released by BioWare, meaning that these designs could come into production whenever they so choose to hire this man. For now, however, I know that I’ll be sleeping soundly, dreaming of a collection including the very chic and stylish ME hoodies. BioWare TAKE MY MONEY!

Lupodirosso’s DeviantArt Page

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