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So Bad Piggies has been a vacuum of time wasting and a staple to how I spend my time in class.  Between Bad Piggies and stressing to get articles done in time, I think I might enjoy some mindless time wasting via Rovio’s latest mobile app.  Bad Piggies is a spin-off of the Angry Birds franchise that circles around the bad guys of the original game.  This time, they’re in your hands to acquire the thing they desire most: eggs.  On your way to get the eggs, a number of hijinx ensue where you must help the pigs acquire pieces to maps that lead to the eggs.  Unfortunately pieces are in unattainable areas and require you to help the pigs build miraculous contraptions to ge from point A to point B.  The process is fun, challenging, and the time spent:payment ratio far exceeds the $0.99 game for iPhone.

An Appreciated Directional Change by Rovio

After a string of similar spin-offs: Angry Birds: Seasons, Angry Birds: Rio, Angry Birds Space, bringing the franchise in a new direction [and even keeping the old direction with the confirmed Angry Birds: Star Wars], using the Piggies as new protagonists in a completely different setting is really cool to see.  Everyone thought this spin-off would be just another Angry Birds rip-off, but it’s pretty clear that this new game is built from the ground up with similar addictive elements like 3-star grinding and secret hunting.


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A relatively calm week on Banana Scoop.  Nothing too new or crazy.  The biggest news below.

We Tried to Change Our Theme and Failed Miserably

Last Friday, I tried to do something silly by changing themes.  I looked at what the best WordPress themes had to offer and tried to activate and tweak some things.  I tried to Google some things about the best WordPress themes, but many of them were for the WordPress.org themes.  I’ve tried hard into trying a magazine style where we can keep some of the better articles at the top.  A lot of the [free] themes don’t offer enough customization and enough creative freedom, so in my frustration, I reverted back to this old theme.  In the end, I truly mean to migrate to a new site where I can web design and have the customization and creative freedom.

What I’m Watching, Reading, and Drawing This Week

  • Reading: Zombie Survival Guide, Watchmen
  • Watching: Sunday Drama Mayhem [Boardwalk, Dexter], City of God
  • Drawing: Maintenance Banana Scoop Stuff, Adressed Here, hopefully some creepy ghouls and monsters for Halloween

Weekly Preview:


  • Joining Another Cult [TV Show]
  • Bad Piggies Review
  • Assassin’s Creed Parkour
  • What Happens When Batman Meets the Avengers

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