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There are many reviews for Savages available online from critics far more eloquent and accomplished than I. So I wanted to forgo the review and take this opportunity to share the lessons I learned from this wild beast of a film.

But first I can’t resist offering a brief comment regarding my opinion of the movie in the form of a recipe. Savages is three and a half quarts of spectacularly brutal drug trade violence and suspense. Add in two tablespoons of “war on drugs” satire. Take a fresh pinch of Benicio Del Toro psychopath and mix it in with a dab of hilariously corrupt John Travolta. Grind up the lives of 3 people deeply in love before tossing in. Bake the entire concoction for 131 minutes in the Laguna Beach sun. The final dish should entrance, excite, and terrify you. It will be beautiful and haunting. Dare I say it willI be the best dish you’ve sampled this summer. Don’t forget to serve to a chilling Salma Hayek drug kingpin. Or maybe it was don’t forget to serve chilled? Regardless one bite will delight. The sensation is not unlike the tears of joy too many jalapeños bring.


Lessons learned: (more…)

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Another Banana Scoop week with some minor changes here and there.  A new month here and I wish I had more upcoming changes.  There are a couple of major things I’m trying to keep under wraps, but of course, I wanna keep them as surprises.

Scheduled Break September 16th – 22nd

Banana Scoop will have a scheduled break to allow our writers to catch up and relax.  It is regrettable for this to happen, but I feel as though our writers deserve a break for providing such amazing content to our fan base.  There is only strict coincidence that this is the same week that Borderlands 2 comes out…By no means will I be only playing Borderlands 2 and not writing articles to play catch up…that would be unethical XD.


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