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The unexpected maintenance update definitely warrants something new or crazy here at Banana Scoop.  As a matter of fact, it’s a little bit of both.  As bloggers I’d imagine each and everyone one of you who is reading this [all 4 of you, hi Mom and Dad], might understand the emotional and invigorating feeling you might get when you try to overhaul your blog for the better.  In the past, Banana Scoop made a humungous jump when I first tried to include 15 – 18 posts a week on a regimented schedule and then another big jump when we tried to make that 20-24 posts a week.  Next thing I knew, I had quadrupled the amount of writers on the site [4 x 1 = 4] and we were pumping out so much content weekly.  With so many humungous changes in the past and each as [semi] life changing as the last, we now make another big change, hopefully for the better of the future.   Today’s post is focused on the main point of those changes..And to those I still have on a leash at this point: interwebz points for you.

We’re Reducing Post Frequency by over 80%

Big one.  The number of scheduled posts a week was 24.  Reducing that by 80% brings you to about five posts.  Five posts a week.  That’s a big change and I don’t think we’ve had that since towards the beginning of this blog.  That’s a big change up from 24 and I think it will bring us in the right direction.  The 20 or so posts we’re cutting out are the pictures, videos, and links-related posts that used to litter our site.  Those short posts were essentially the praises of other persons on the internet for their good work and while we liked to praise them for their dedication to pop culture, their promotion made me feel as though Banana Scoop didn’t provide enough of it’s own good work.  So by reducing the numerous posts of others, we’re only doing our original 1000+ word articles.


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