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As some of you might know, last year I tried to create my own custom website and build it from the ground up.  Thus Fig-TV.com was born and was aimed to focus on my creative and artistic endeavors.  After weeks of slowly learning HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver, I was able to scrape together a very simple layout that became Fig-TV.com.  Fig-TV.com was a way for me to share my art in a layout and format much freer [and more complicated] than blogging mediums like WordPress or tumblr.  After a year, I learned a lot about maintaining your own website and the work that goes into such a thing.  So my year of owning Fig-TV is expiring and I’ve decided to let my subscription to the domain and hosting go and let Fig-TV.com go back into the market, effectively killing the website.

Below I continue to reminisce on what it took to make Fig-TV.com work and why I had to abandon it.


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