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It took a while, but I finally got to the end of Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games Trilogy.  To be straightforward with it, I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy this one.  People say that the third book is their least favorite, but this book became so much of a chore to finish, that I ended up resenting it for putting me through it in order to finish.  The adventures of Katniss Everdeen have long worn me down with her whining and essential uselessness, and the finale of the war for Panem through her eyes is so boring and disappointing that it kind of put a sour taste in my mouth regarding the whole series.  And I find it even harder to believe that this is the movie they’ll be splitting up into two parts.  Below, my list of both my distastes and liked moments of the Hunger Games Trilogy Finale.  Spoilers below.


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Another Banana Scoop week with some minor changes here and there.  A new month here and I wish I had more upcoming changes.  There are a couple of major things I’m trying to keep under wraps, but of course, I wanna keep them as surprises.

Scheduled Break September 16th – 22nd

Banana Scoop will have a scheduled break to allow our writers to catch up and relax.  It is regrettable for this to happen, but I feel as though our writers deserve a break for providing such amazing content to our fan base.  There is only strict coincidence that this is the same week that Borderlands 2 comes out…By no means will I be only playing Borderlands 2 and not writing articles to play catch up…that would be unethical XD.


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Another week on Banana Scoop!  The schedule is going strong despite school trying to muck it up.  And with Ben’s arrival, I’m having an easier time juggling all the maintenance, writing, and drawing.  I may also be scheduling some designated maintenance based on my test schedule that I’ve already written in my calendar.  But otherwise, here’s the rest of this week’s news.

What I’m Watching/Reading/Drawing This Week

  • Watching: Firefly/Serenity Marathon, The Wire Season 5
  • Reading: Mockingjay, Jurassic Park
  • Drawing: SoGoCJE, About Us Drawing

Mockingjay Got Delayed a Week

Mockingjay review was slated to be published last week, but school kinda held me up from reading the book.  And as I’ve found out with the rest of the masses, Mockingjay is a bit of a drag.  The first two were high adrenaline and fast paced, but this particular book is one of the slower ones, and a bit whiney.  A full review hopefully this Friday.

The Possibility of Another New Writer

With Ben getting settled in and possibly taking in more than just his scheduled Wednesday primary article, a new possibility of another writer has arrived!  That would bring our ‘staff’ to 4. This mystery writer would not be a regular poster, but would contribute whenever they could.  We’re very excited at this prospect and we’ll update you all soon again.

Weekly Preview


  • Borderlands 2 Preview and Preparation
  • Reasons to Watch The Newsroom
  • Good TV Shows Becoming Video Games
  • Deadpool at Comic-Con

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I’m both ecstatic and dreading this week.  School starts.  I think it’s more exciting because the weight of school work hasn’t burdened on me yet.  I know I’ll eat those words later this semester when my classes start bearing down on me.  Georgia Tech has a knack for doing that to people.  Other than that, nothing much else is new on Banana Scoop here.  Ben starts his rotation on Wednesday this week, minor maintenances updates, etc.  Read below for the full Scoop.

School Begins this Week

So school starts this week.  As I mentioned above, it’s a mixed feeling.  Mostly good, but I know what I’m in for.  Long nights, impossible tests, foreign instructors, and no mercy.  So is the life of an engineer in training.  As odd as it sounds, I feel as though Banana Scoop will surge at some point because I use this blog as an outlet for the stress.  But as I’ve been warning for the past couple of weeks, all it means is that prepare yourself for frequent breaks throughout the semester.

Ben Starts His Article This Week

We announced Ben’s new status as a writer and we’re all very excited to see what he has to contribute.  His weekly publishings will be on Wednesdays at 11:00 EST.

Maintenance Updates

The Maintenance updates widgit hasn’t been updated in a while and I mean to fix that sometime this week to better reflect what’s going on.

Weekly Preview

  • Mockingjay Review
  • Fall TV Preview
  • Bill Hader is Hilarious
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt is Awesome

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It doesn’t take long for me to finish Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins’s second book in her Hunger Games Trilogy.  After the face paced finish of the first book, I was hungry for more Hunger Games [I bet THAT hasn’t been used before].  And with only 50 pages in, I got exactly what I was looking for.  Catching Fire forgoes a lot of the character development and setting up of Panem and dives deeper into its infrastructure and functionality.  It was overall neat as I was wondering how Katniss would be involved in all this, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Although it seemed rushed and devoid of any of the vivid descriptions that made the first one more interesting and other books overall more colorful [George R.R. Martin could’ve spent an entire chapter of the Hunger Games describing a room vs. the quick plot advances in Collins’s style], I think Catching Fire was an overall better book plot wise and kept me even more glued to the pages than the first book.  And that’s definitely saying something. Major books spoilers below!


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I mentioned earlier this week that I would try to do a review on the entire trilogy, but I found it impossible to have all three read by this Friday.  As I write this article now on Tuesday, I know in balance with work and other things, I simply won’t have time to read and write about all three.  So I’ve decided since then to split all three of them up into separate reviews and sprinkle them in throughout August.

The first book in Suzanne Collins’s trilogy is The Hunger Games.  After coming so hot after A Song of Ice and Fire, I looked at the relatively small book and chuckled at it’s short length and large margins.  A quick read.  But it wasn’t because of the small number of pages or the size in between each line that made it quick to my surprise as I finished the book in about 5 or so hours.  The fast paced story and fascinating description of a dystopia had me turning the pages so quickly, that I would all of a sudden be a dozens of pages past of where I first started.  My breakdown of the story, the characters, and the style below.  Book spoilers below!


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What do we have cooked up for you all this week?  Since finishing A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ve now set my sight on the Hunger Games Trilogy.  Other than that, we have other things to talk about.  I’m still reeling from Dance with Dragons, and theres still a ton of pop culture to behold here.  Check below to get a sneak preview!

The Hunger Games Trilogy Review

Not just one, but all three books!  These are a looking to be a short read, so I’ll have my review on the stories and Suzanne Collins’s writing style.

A Song of Ice and Fire Theories 

There are a lot of open ended topics and cliff hangers after Dance with Dragons, and I’ve been able to grab ahold of a few of the popular theories on the web and will gladly discuss them here with you all!

Team Avatar All Grown Up

I’m not stranger to telling people how awesome Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have been.  There’s a neat image I want to share with you guys this week!

Nathan Fillion is Awesome

Two Nathan Fillion related posts this week.  One is about how Nathan Fillion being awesome on the set of Firefly and the other is about some awesome Firefly art.  Damn I miss Firefly.

The Dark Knight Prestige

We will continue to talk about how awesome The Dark Knight Rises as it’s still very relavent in today’s pop culture.  We have an awesome mashup of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and The Prestige ready.

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