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Sorry for the late review, but Labor Day’s kept me pretty busy this time around.

I’ve overall felt that I’ve done a pretty bad job at reviewing Breaking Bad.  As I finished the episode and sat down and wrote my article, I went to some of my favorite other pop culture websites to see what they had to say.  To be quite frank: they’re better than me at this.  They’ve pointed out a numerous amount of things that simply went over my head and that I never would’ve came to conclusion to.  They theorize some of the most absurd but sensical things [oxymoron] and are all around better at discussing Breaking Bad than me.  So instead of riding on their coattails, and claiming their ideas be my own, I direct you to some of the most passionate Breaking Bad watchers out there.

I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I did.  It certainly will set up the season finale well and I can’t believe I have to wait 10 whole months for it to happen.

Upproxx Talks Breaking Bad



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Another Banana Scoop week with some minor changes here and there.  A new month here and I wish I had more upcoming changes.  There are a couple of major things I’m trying to keep under wraps, but of course, I wanna keep them as surprises.

Scheduled Break September 16th – 22nd

Banana Scoop will have a scheduled break to allow our writers to catch up and relax.  It is regrettable for this to happen, but I feel as though our writers deserve a break for providing such amazing content to our fan base.  There is only strict coincidence that this is the same week that Borderlands 2 comes out…By no means will I be only playing Borderlands 2 and not writing articles to play catch up…that would be unethical XD.


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Another exciting week on Banana Scoop.  Some of the most entertaining pop culture events of the year are almost here: Breaking Bad and The Dark Knight Rises.  Breaking Bad starts tonight and The Dark Knight Rises on Friday.  Below are the following events we’ll be featuring this week on Banana Scoop.

Minecraft is My New Horrid Addiction

After spending some cash of a game that’s essentially a very advance Farmville, I’ve become horribly addicted to Minecraft.  Instead of writing a review, I truly plan on telling you all of the horrible things I’ve encountered…and why I can’t stay away.

The Avengers Get a Really Cool New Intro

Joss Whedon is heavily known for the Avengers.  So the Avengers get a different kind of opening paying tribute to Joss Whedon.

Breaking Bad Review on Sunday’s Episode

Television’s best television series gets back to set up for its final season.  I can’t contain myself.

A Cool Portal Mashup with Avatar: Legend of Korra

I love Portal and I love Avatar: Legend of Korra.  This mashup I have scheduled later for the week is really creative.

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