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If you haven’t already noticed, this blog has been limping in content over the past half year.  I’ve declared its death, I’ve announced its revival, I’ve promised content, I’ve barely delivered.  Life isn’t as concrete as the words one can say and I’ve always been a fan of ‘do, don’t speak’, but here I am speaking once again, hoping the ‘do-ing’ part follows suit.

So for the bazillionth time, Banana Scoop is being put back into regular programming with the promise [that can hopefully be fulfilled] of two articles a week, Tuesday and Thursday.  These articles will cover the many things I’m experiencing that will almost 99.9% of the time will revolve around geek culture: video games (See my Last of Us Review), movies, television, fan-art, and books.

I want to thank all of my long time Banana Scoop supporters: On Life and Stuff, Victor’s Movie Reviews, 2 Dollar Cinema, and Sidekick Reviews.  You were there in the beginning and I’m glad to still have you guys now.  Check out their stuff when you get the chance.

Overall this isn’t the only announcement, continue to read on for the general ‘What’s up with Patrick these days’ summary.



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Banana Scoop hasn’t updated in over a month.  We’re not on one of our many famous hiatus or breaks.  It turns out I’ve kind of stopped the wheels on the machine after 150,000 views and nearly 900 posts.  All to say a nearly heartbreaking farewell.

It’s been a blast.

Bananapost.tumblr.com, Bananafeed.wordpress.com, Bananascoop.com.  All three of these things have had such a profound effect on me.  I’ve dumped hours upon hours upon hours into these mediums as a form of expressing myself and my passion about movies, television, and video games.  I’ve learned an insurmountable amount of knowledge regarding how to entertain and run a successful blog over the past 2 years.  I had an idea that this blog would be something I had with me for the rest of my life.  One does not simply walk away from something that has been so important to them in their life.

Bananapost started as a tumblr that was merely dedicated to writing novel reviews and posting geeky images of cool things I found on the internet.  When I found the interface tools too constricting for what I wanted, I went to WordPress for a full blogging experience.  There I built a small but dedicated audience whom I have shared a loving amount of time with.  I found people that shared a similar passion and had joyous times discussing and geeking out about our favorite tv shows and movies.  I had dumped so much of my time into this blog that I was single handedly posting nearly 25 posts a week combining original content and sharing the original content of others.  When I decided to go pro, I upgraded the domain within WordPress to lose the tag and get the feel of a legitimate site.  From there, I even recruited up to 3 contributors who I thank immensely for donating their precious time to help my blog be the absolute best it could be.

I had one of the most unique experiences managing, writing, editing, and formatting this blog. I learned basic HTML, what maximizes viewership, how to properly deal with commenters, spammers, and others.  I was blessed to be Freshly Pressed by WordPress, twice.  I forsaked homework, responsibilities, and lectures to work on this blog and it won’t be something I will ever forget.

But now I turn to another medium.  One that doesn’t have Banana in the name.  One that doesn’t use WordPress as a medium, but a full blown website, built from the ground up by myself.  I am no CS major.  I have never taken a web design class.  I don’t know what HTMLX or what CSS style sheets are or even how to read stats from a website that’s not based on Blogger or WordPress.  I took upon myself to learn the basics and build a website on my own.  I’ve truly never been prouder of myself, if that’s not too vain to say.

This new site isn’t going to be a carbon copy of this site.  If you know me, I have an intense affinity for art and drawing and I intend to make that website solely centered my art and creative works.  The site is launching today and I advise you to drop by to support me.  Thank you for so much Friends, Families, WordPress bloggers, WordPress.com, and everyone else who has supported me in the past.

I look to the future.  Hopefully my new site will be as successful as this one.

New site: Fig-tv.com

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A relatively calm week on Banana Scoop.  Nothing too new or crazy.  The biggest news below.

We Tried to Change Our Theme and Failed Miserably

Last Friday, I tried to do something silly by changing themes.  I looked at what the best WordPress themes had to offer and tried to activate and tweak some things.  I tried to Google some things about the best WordPress themes, but many of them were for the WordPress.org themes.  I’ve tried hard into trying a magazine style where we can keep some of the better articles at the top.  A lot of the [free] themes don’t offer enough customization and enough creative freedom, so in my frustration, I reverted back to this old theme.  In the end, I truly mean to migrate to a new site where I can web design and have the customization and creative freedom.

What I’m Watching, Reading, and Drawing This Week

  • Reading: Zombie Survival Guide, Watchmen
  • Watching: Sunday Drama Mayhem [Boardwalk, Dexter], City of God
  • Drawing: Maintenance Banana Scoop Stuff, Adressed Here, hopefully some creepy ghouls and monsters for Halloween

Weekly Preview:


  • Joining Another Cult [TV Show]
  • Bad Piggies Review
  • Assassin’s Creed Parkour
  • What Happens When Batman Meets the Avengers

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There’s a very specific reason I chose this image of Jennifer Lawrence, read below to find out

About a month ago, I was moaning and groaning about how upgrading this blog from Banana Feed to Banana Scoop reset our indexing and essentially sent us to ground zero.  Well I’m more than glad to inform you that we’re back on top getting a healthy 300 – 400 hits a day and growing.  In my opinion, as vain as it is, I see page hits as a measurement of success, and in my eyes, what we’re accomplishing is absolute success.  I’m sure big name blogs and entertainment sites would scoff their heads, but success is in the eye of the beholder, and I’m going to share with you how I got my ‘success’.

This article will talk about how I get the most viewership out of my blog.  Forget the cheesy page on WordPress that tells you how to get traffic or any of those other posts that talk about that, I’m talking the dirty, under the table stuff people tend to overlook.  We do real talk here.  This isn’t for bloggers who write poems, anecdotes and post quotes hoping to get noticed.  Take that shit to Tumblr.  If you legitimately want a successful blog in terms of viewers, take a look at these points.

Adjust Your Target Audience to Maximize Viewership, Talking About Your Feelings Isn’t Something Everyone Wants to Read

From my perspective, the successful blogs are the ones that entertain the most.  And if you don’t have your target audience in mind and understand the numbers that encompass that audience, then you’re going to be very disappointed.  Take the example I pointed out above regarding those who post quotes about life, write poems and colorful anecdotes about their experiences.  Don’t get me wrong, there are probably some of the greatest soulful writers hidden as a gem from some of these blogs.  But in a sea of absolute crap and garbage, who has the time to read every Philosophical Penny and Deep David out there?  And just how many people a day did you think they’d want to read about the ups and downs of someone else’s life?


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A while back I posted an article regarding ‘Operation Revival’ that had me visiting each of my followers imploring them to resubscribe if they continued to want to seethe blog posts in their readers. But about as quickly as it began, it ended.

WordPress as many of you know shares it’s own vices, some of those being the annoying spam and advertisements as well as botted users. As I began searching through my followers, I quickly found that many of them (especially my earlier ones) are either deleted or barely used.

This was rather conflicting in the idea that a large amount of my followers were like this. So in response I called off the operation. So in terms of returning Banana Scoop to its former glory, I’ve decided to do it the old fashioned way. With dedication and unrelentless posting. We aren’t gettin paid here ladies and gents. It’s only my love for tv and movies that keeps this site going. That and all your support.

Thanks again.


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Tension is running as high as ever as I try to scramble Banana Scoop to the glory it once was.  I may be self obsessed with this idea of my need for validation, but I consider this more than a hobby, so it’s important to me that I continue to release these maintenance notes as a possible solution.  It has come to my attention that many of my followers before the change are no longer receiving my updates in their readers.  This is heart breaking news to me, seeing as I worked very hard to get the 350+ followers I currently have and am unable to give them the news they followed me for in the first place.

So it’s time for drastic action.  Starting this weekend, I’m going to begin visiting each and every one of my followers and leaving a polite message regarding if they wish to continue following me, that they resubscribe by hitting ‘unfollow’ and ‘follow’.  This is a proven methodology and I advise any of those who are reading that haven’t done so already, to please make their mouses way to the follow screen above.

We’re still in transition mode and we’re trying to get things running back 100%.  With Universidaze and my tablet on the fritz, this stressful page load shift, and real life beyond this computer, it’s getting tougher and tougher to hold on.  But you’re all worth it!  So hang tight with us as we wade our way through this thick mud.  I still have lots of events planned for you guys, so thanks for all the support.

-Banana Feed Team

Thanks to Victors Movie Reviews for point this out!

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Strictly in honor of being Freshly Pressed, I drew Miles, Bruce the Ape, and SoGo all celebrating the astounding achievement.  Thanks for all the support guys!

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A couple of days ago, I posted a routine 11:00 EST article regarding the Spring TV Wrap Up Ceremony.  Little did I know, I would get freshly pressed which is every bloggers wet dream because it allows us to live out the dream of people actually giving a sh!t about what we’re talking about.  Naturally, a massive influx of commenters arrived ranging in variety and domain names.  Today, I’m going to take a break from the norm of talking about movies, television or video games, and kinda go meta here.  Obviously there must be some sort of motivation that forces a user to take the time to comment on an article.  Replies range from single sentences to well written anecdotes.  Each have their own sense of opinion and style and I found rather humorous.  This article is designed to make fun of user cliches and norms.  I’m sorry if you get caught in the crossfire, but remember I’m making fun of the social norm and not you.  But when it comes to blogging, all press is good press.  Wordpress.  [LOL]


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