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I have a strange obsession with Harley Quinn.  Harley Quinn was once Dr. Harley Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.  She became fascinated with the Joker and became his needy assistant by acting as his partner in crime.  She’s always been a bubbly and villainous character, but I’ve been fascinated at her loss of sanity due to the power of the Joker.   As of late, she’s been highly sexualized by the Arkham games so I decided to draw her based on her Batman: The Animated Series.  Enjoy!  Seeing as it’s October, it’s a good excuse to draw a bunch of weird and creepy things, so look forward to all of that this month.

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I feel bad because it seems as though all the talk around Bane is about comparisons, despite him being extremely original on his own.  His comparison to Heath Ledger’s Joker, his comparison to the muscle headed behemoth in Batman Forever, and now this comparison of his pre-sound edited and post-sound edited voice in the Dark Knight Rises.  The video plays the side by side same scene, both taken out of a theater it seems which results in the low quality, and shows what Bane sounded like with Nolan’s intended Bane voice and then the following post-sound mixing.  I had a hard enough time hearing everything Tom Hardy said in that mask, and when I watched this video, I was even more irritated with the muffling.  I hear in the DVD/BluRay release, Nolan will include both of the mixes.  Will I watch the original?  Probably, but with the aide of subtitles to help me catch on to things that I may have missed as well.  Kudos to those who’ll watch the original mix WITHOUT subtitles.  May God have mercy on your soul.

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We’re no stranger to featuring funny Batman parodies.  I don’t particularly think this one is as funny as the Badman series College Humor puts out, but it’s pretty decent.  The action sequences are surprisingly smooth and the club scene is very impressive for amateur video production.  I don’t think the Batman is as funny as he could’ve been, but with so many of these Batman parodies running around, this one shines pretty well.

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I’m both ecstatic and dreading this week.  School starts.  I think it’s more exciting because the weight of school work hasn’t burdened on me yet.  I know I’ll eat those words later this semester when my classes start bearing down on me.  Georgia Tech has a knack for doing that to people.  Other than that, nothing much else is new on Banana Scoop here.  Ben starts his rotation on Wednesday this week, minor maintenances updates, etc.  Read below for the full Scoop.

School Begins this Week

So school starts this week.  As I mentioned above, it’s a mixed feeling.  Mostly good, but I know what I’m in for.  Long nights, impossible tests, foreign instructors, and no mercy.  So is the life of an engineer in training.  As odd as it sounds, I feel as though Banana Scoop will surge at some point because I use this blog as an outlet for the stress.  But as I’ve been warning for the past couple of weeks, all it means is that prepare yourself for frequent breaks throughout the semester.

Ben Starts His Article This Week

We announced Ben’s new status as a writer and we’re all very excited to see what he has to contribute.  His weekly publishings will be on Wednesdays at 11:00 EST.

Maintenance Updates

The Maintenance updates widgit hasn’t been updated in a while and I mean to fix that sometime this week to better reflect what’s going on.

Weekly Preview

  • Mockingjay Review
  • Fall TV Preview
  • Bill Hader is Hilarious
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt is Awesome

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Hitfix did a really cool article before the Dark Knight Rises was released pointing out all the exciting moments that are to come from the movie.  It’s interesting to go back to that article and point out all the questions they had: What role is Joseph Gordon Levitt and Marion Collitard REALLY playing?  Why does everyone have a Tumbler? How will Anne Hathaway redefine Catwoman?  We know know all the answers to these questions and debunking and confirming some of the suspicions were fun.

Why We Needed the Dark Knight Rises

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How do you make a Christopher Nolan movie trailer better?  By mashing it up with another Christopher Nolan trailer.  We’ve already shown you how awesome Nolan trailers can be, but this one is different because it mashes up another one of his movies, The Prestige in it.  I like how the editor made each one of Nolan’s movies a part of the three aspects of a magic trick: the pledge, turn, and prestige.  Maybe I’m not looking deep enough because I don’t believe that there is any other significant other than 1, 2, and 3, but I know there are some rather radical internet theories out there.  By the way, if you haven’t already seen the Prestige, do yourself a favor and watch it!  It’s absolutely amazing and totally on par with his other movies.  All I need to see now is an Insomnia/Memento mashup and I just might be able to die a happy man.

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What do we have cooked up for you all this week?  Since finishing A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ve now set my sight on the Hunger Games Trilogy.  Other than that, we have other things to talk about.  I’m still reeling from Dance with Dragons, and theres still a ton of pop culture to behold here.  Check below to get a sneak preview!

The Hunger Games Trilogy Review

Not just one, but all three books!  These are a looking to be a short read, so I’ll have my review on the stories and Suzanne Collins’s writing style.

A Song of Ice and Fire Theories 

There are a lot of open ended topics and cliff hangers after Dance with Dragons, and I’ve been able to grab ahold of a few of the popular theories on the web and will gladly discuss them here with you all!

Team Avatar All Grown Up

I’m not stranger to telling people how awesome Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have been.  There’s a neat image I want to share with you guys this week!

Nathan Fillion is Awesome

Two Nathan Fillion related posts this week.  One is about how Nathan Fillion being awesome on the set of Firefly and the other is about some awesome Firefly art.  Damn I miss Firefly.

The Dark Knight Prestige

We will continue to talk about how awesome The Dark Knight Rises as it’s still very relavent in today’s pop culture.  We have an awesome mashup of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and The Prestige ready.

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The Dark Knight Rises continue to dominate this week’s posts with more and more awesome things surfacing.  Whilst looking back at the Dark Knight trailer for old time goosebumps, I stumbled upon this well done trailer to the entire trilogy.  The monologue fits beautfiully and hearing ‘ol Heath’s voice is near spine chilling.  This trailer truly encompasses not just Batman, but the growth and journey of Bruce Wayne.  The trailer itself is about 6 minutes long but is absolutely entrancing to watch.  It includes clips from all three movies and fits so beautifully together.  Stop reading this and seriously press the play button.  And then when you’re done, press play again.

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College Humor has created one of the greatest web series out there, titled project “Badman”.  This web series is essentially a parody of how ridiculous Batman can be.  Batman is portrayed as an idiot in this series.  It’s almost indescribable how awesome this is.  There is definite comic gold in making fun of the way Batman speaks, and putting him in compromising situations is even better.  Check out the entire playlist here.

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This week on Banana Scoop, expect articles on the following!   On another note, I know last week, I promised Maintenance Updates every Tuesday, but truth be told, not too many things change in one week, so I’ve moved Maintenance Newsletters to be every OTHER week instead.  Just a little heads up if you were gonna wonder later.

The Dark Knight Rises Review – We’re all praying for the families in Colorado.  It’s such a shame this had to happen.

Game of Thrones Parody – We’ve posted one about it before, and it makes a brilliant sequel!

Garfield Minus Garfield – A look at a witty artist who takes Garfield out of comic strips and shows the delusional mind of Jon Arbuckle

Breaking Bad Weekly Review – Another discussion about tonight’s episode of Breaking Bad!

Ron Perlman Has a Heart of Gold – Ron Perlman helps out a child in need for the Make a Wish Foundation

Minecraft! – Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to post my article on Minecraft [and it got embarrassingly posted anyways as to faulty scheduling], so we’re going to take another crack at it this week.

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This is very similar to the Johnny Depp image I posted a week or two ago where his face is meshed into different roles.  What he have here is something slightly different, where we combine three of the most significant movie villains into one image.  It seems these three unforgettable characters all pose in the same, ‘I’ll rip out your own intestines and feed it to you’ type of death stare.  Regardless, maybe it’s more than enough reason to persuade you to watch all three of these movies again.  [For those who don’t know: it’s Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange, The Joker from The Dark Knight, and Tyler Durden from Fight Club].  May these psychos find each other soon and plot to dominate the world.

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Back before when Community was still on hiatus, a number of people did artistic works in support of the beloved series.  When it was announced it would return come March 15th, the internet went in a storm of laughter and rejoice.  As a result, there were even more fan tributes to the series.  This one I’ve included is a tastefully done mash up of Community and the Dark Knight rises.  The most spine chilling moment for me was when Chang played Bane.  Perfect timing.

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Writer Cody Johnston from Cracked.com has written this impressive essay about why Christopher Nolan will kill Bruce Wayne.  Utilizing examples from the two previous films as well as even films from Nolan’s other works, this article completely bursts open what The Dark Knight Rises could potentially be.  Check this article out and get a leg up on on how amazing one of the most anticipated films of the year can turn out.  yes, I know this is a little outdated being written in November, but I’ve been saving this one for a while.

Cracked Destroys the Dark Knight Rises Summary


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