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What the what?

For those who don’t know, I made a statement for which I closed this blog after nearly 2 years of updating and sharing with you all my thoughts and opinions on movies, tv, and videogames.  I had essentially left this blog to start a new site Fig-tv.com.  The site is fully functional and features art  and videos created by me.  I’ve ultimately decided that throwing away both the audience I’ve created as well as WordPress’s amazing network abilities would be such a waste.

So I’ve decided to maintain Banana Scoop as a means to updating new images and videos I’ve added to my site.  I’m doing this primarily as a hope to both entertain an audience as well as simultaneously bring some traffic to Fig-tv.com.

I’m very excited in coming back to WordPress after all these weeks and I can’t wait to reconnect with everyone else from the old days.

Expect some updates in the time to come!


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