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bolin wanted


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asami soto wanted final

I struggled with letting Asami smile in her mugshot or not, or whether I should try to make her seductive in her mugshot given how much of a bombshell she’s meant to be.  Ultimately, I went with a serious shot because I pictured if Asami did have to get arrested (which is true in her canon mugshot), she would be very upset and serious about it.  Ta-da, serious Asami.  I’m obviously going to finish Bolin and I might do Kai, Tenzin, and maybe Bumi.

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mako wanted final

The wanted posters continue with Mako’s wanted poster.  It’s not nearly as detailed as Korra because Mako’s wanted poster was very obscured and difficult to view.  So I took a generic picture of Mako and modified it slightly to match the wanted poster.  I added the gritted teeth because I think it fit Mako’s attitude as well as Korra’s general tone did.  I think I’m trapped with doing the final 2, plus I accepted a request to do a profile of Roger Sterling, so Black Carnival is taking (another) break right now as I do some of this fan art.

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korra wanted

I have a lot to say about Legend of Korra this season, mostly summed up by one word: ACE.  In the most recent episode, there’s reference to a set of wanted posters picturing Neo-Team Avatar.  I absolutely fell in love with Korra’s ‘smugshot’.  I was able to grab a screenshot of Korra’s wanted poster and performed a quick trace-and-color of the drab and sepia-esque picture.  I’m really into it and I have motivation to try to make due with the rest of the out of focus and skewed images of the other 3 (and maybe a bonus one of Kai).

I used a texture pen to kind of give the drawing some…well texture I guess, but let me know if you guys think a regular G-pen will work better.

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 kill la kill1
Image owned by Kadokawa Shoten

After reading numerous articles regarding the hype that was Attack on Titan, I decided to break my usual television catch up sessions and watch an anime show despite never really watching anime.  After 20+ grueling episodes, I was absolutely floored with the gorgeous animation, engaging characters, and heart stopping action and story.  I was compelled to write this very positive review and it appeared that I wasn’t alone in my love of the show.

Since then I’ve been thirsty for a new anime show to fill the hole of pure awesomeness Attack on Titan left when I was finished with the show.   I looked through a couple of lists, namely Kotaku regarding some of the best anime of the season/2013 and I followed up on what I thought were some very good picks.  Keep in mind, I’m not normally accustomed to certain levels of ridiculous when it comes to anime shows.  Which meant I tried to stay away from generic ‘fantasy/medieval’ anime with knights in boob armor.  Nor was I fan of generic ‘gundam’/Pacific Rim anime with typecast pilots in giant robots, where intense fighting is about half of the series.  Oh I’m also not into harem anime with a single boy in a school of girls in which the show tries to service the fans at any moment with accidental boob grabs and panty shots.  Maybe I’m not as familiar with anime anymore, but I’m pretty sure I’ve crossed off about 90% of contemporary anime.  Some of the shows I watched fall into this category and hell, even Attack on Titan at some point falls into some of these categories, but I was truly looking for something special and engaging.

My search yielded some good time burners and quality anime watched, but I think still haven’t found anything close to the level of ‘I CAN’T STOP WATCHING’ that Attack on Titan gave me.  There might be one show in this list that will do that job…Here’s a run down of the anime I watched and what I thought.


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Avatar the Last Airbender was definitely one of the best animated series out there.  The Legend of Korra took a leap of faith by taking a time skip of about 60+ years to see the repercussions of Avatar Aang and his friends’ actions.  Though the Legend of Korra was definitely a great series, I couldn’t help but miss the old Team Avatar.  Aang’s playful nature, Toph’s bad-girl antics, and Sokka’s comic relief were all things to be missed.  Even their faces.  We were lucky to get some flashbacks through Korra’s eyes to see how they were and even their voices.  But we never got a look at Zuko or Katara at that age.  So at Comic Con Nickelodeon released this awesome image of Team Avatar in full color all grown up.  The image brings a large wave of nostalgia and I totally wish they could create an entire series revolving around them.

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What do we have cooked up for you all this week?  Since finishing A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ve now set my sight on the Hunger Games Trilogy.  Other than that, we have other things to talk about.  I’m still reeling from Dance with Dragons, and theres still a ton of pop culture to behold here.  Check below to get a sneak preview!

The Hunger Games Trilogy Review

Not just one, but all three books!  These are a looking to be a short read, so I’ll have my review on the stories and Suzanne Collins’s writing style.

A Song of Ice and Fire Theories 

There are a lot of open ended topics and cliff hangers after Dance with Dragons, and I’ve been able to grab ahold of a few of the popular theories on the web and will gladly discuss them here with you all!

Team Avatar All Grown Up

I’m not stranger to telling people how awesome Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have been.  There’s a neat image I want to share with you guys this week!

Nathan Fillion is Awesome

Two Nathan Fillion related posts this week.  One is about how Nathan Fillion being awesome on the set of Firefly and the other is about some awesome Firefly art.  Damn I miss Firefly.

The Dark Knight Prestige

We will continue to talk about how awesome The Dark Knight Rises as it’s still very relavent in today’s pop culture.  We have an awesome mashup of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and The Prestige ready.

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Oh my goodness, I aboslutely love this.  There are two references here: Portal and Legend of Korra.  This is from one of the first episodes of Legend of Korra where Chief Beifong allows Korra to leave her prison cell, but not without leaving a message.  And as Korra leaves, she fires a message right back.  The genius is replacing the body art with skins from the portal series.  Korra has become Chell and Chief Beifong as Glados.

What’s so great about this is because this interplay between the two characters from Legend of Korra resonate fairly well with the characters from Portal.  The adorable [yet slightly weird] relationship between Chell and Glados is exactly how Korra treats Chief Beifong.  I wish I could credit someone for something so great, but in all honesty, it’s so hard to find sources to unmarked GIFS such as these.  If anyone knows please enlighten me.

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Another exciting week on Banana Scoop.  Some of the most entertaining pop culture events of the year are almost here: Breaking Bad and The Dark Knight Rises.  Breaking Bad starts tonight and The Dark Knight Rises on Friday.  Below are the following events we’ll be featuring this week on Banana Scoop.

Minecraft is My New Horrid Addiction

After spending some cash of a game that’s essentially a very advance Farmville, I’ve become horribly addicted to Minecraft.  Instead of writing a review, I truly plan on telling you all of the horrible things I’ve encountered…and why I can’t stay away.

The Avengers Get a Really Cool New Intro

Joss Whedon is heavily known for the Avengers.  So the Avengers get a different kind of opening paying tribute to Joss Whedon.

Breaking Bad Review on Sunday’s Episode

Television’s best television series gets back to set up for its final season.  I can’t contain myself.

A Cool Portal Mashup with Avatar: Legend of Korra

I love Portal and I love Avatar: Legend of Korra.  This mashup I have scheduled later for the week is really creative.

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This past weekend Nickelodeon wrapped up The Legend of Korra Season 1 in an explosive fashion. I’ve talked about it before and how awesome the set up has been. The finale featured two episodes, Skeletons in then Closet and Endgame, and they wrapped up all the build up from the ten episode set up. There weren’t many spine tingling moments in these ten episodes, as compared to the Avatar: The Last Airbender, which usually had me goosebumping, but the last two episodes had its fair share of epic moments.

With excellent character development, beautiful animation and music, and enough hints to the previous series mythlore, the Legend of Korra season finale puts another big hole in my heart as I have to wait an entire another year before we can see anything from this again. I relate it to my experience with Game of Thrones, where I had to fulfill my fix by beginning the book series. But there are no book series for this. So this post won’t be the last we hear of this series, as I’ll try to keep the spirit alive and try to find as many pieces of Legend of Korra related pop culture over the next few weeks.

Read below to get my opinion and feelings on the season finale. SERIOUS SPOILERS BELOW


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Highlights of the Week to Come:

  • Wrapping Up the Legend of Korra Season 1 – A review on the entire season so far.

  • Nigel Thronberry’s Face on Everything – A rapidly evolving meme whose shock humor is more than enough to merit a smile

  • Shepherd from Mass Effect 3 is a Naughty Commander
  • Selena Gomez Does 50 Shades of Grey – The Painter in Selena’s House Makes her…Uncomfortable

  • Charizard Go! – Breaking Bad Brings Down the House

Stay tuned throughout this week to see all the posts this week!

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