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From Cracked

Every movie is a balancing act between making the villain interesting and making them so compelling that we start rooting for them to kill the good guy so that they have an excuse to say something awesome (see The Dark Knight and basically every cinematic depiction of the Joker). We asked you to show us the deleted scenes from great movies that would have tipped the balance too far in favor of the villain.

Behind the Scenes Images that Make You Root for the Villain

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That’s because most movies aren’t written that way; the bad guy is just there to create conflict and cool scenes for the hero, regardless of whether there is any logic to it from his own point of view. We’ve already gone over some villains who accidentally saved the day with their own actions. But at least those bad guys screwed up without realizing it. Here are the ones who seem to go out of their way to sabotage their own plans …

Villains Who Screwed Themselves Over

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The tablet is alive!!!  I reset all my preferences and my Bamboo Tablet is back in business.  For the first time in a long time, here’s a Sunday Sketch.  My ‘Batman Universe as Children’ gallery gets another addition with young Victor and Nora Fries play by the pool.  The future Mr. Freeze finds a neat astronaut suit action figure while Nora steals his favorite water gun.

For more of my [amateur] art, visit my Deviant Art Page

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This is very similar to the Johnny Depp image I posted a week or two ago where his face is meshed into different roles.  What he have here is something slightly different, where we combine three of the most significant movie villains into one image.  It seems these three unforgettable characters all pose in the same, ‘I’ll rip out your own intestines and feed it to you’ type of death stare.  Regardless, maybe it’s more than enough reason to persuade you to watch all three of these movies again.  [For those who don’t know: it’s Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange, The Joker from The Dark Knight, and Tyler Durden from Fight Club].  May these psychos find each other soon and plot to dominate the world.

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Ain’t gonna lie, ever since Jean Dujardin did The Artist, he’s proven himself a very charming and talented actor.  In this Funny Or Die original, they talk about how European actors doing very famous villain roles after they first make contact with the Hollywood blockbuster and name examples to qualify their statement [Spanish: Javier Bardem, German: Cristolph Waltz, French: Jean Dujardin].  Anywho, the rest of the video shows him casting for upcoming action movies.  I love actors who do Funny or Die because all it really does is make fun of who they are, and actors that don’t take themselves seriously enough to do them make them more likable.  Anywho, check out the video above to laugh and fall in love with Jean all over again.

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Top Banana

It’s almost Halloween and it’s a season of horror movies and scaring each other.  That means a whole mess of movie news are coming in and lists are being created out the wazoo to entertain the curious.  So I’ve compiled some of the internet’s best on Movie news to entertain you guys so far.  Meanwhile, in all the horror movie madness, I’m trying to jump on the American Horror Story FX bandwagon to see if that’s any good.  You guys have any opinions?

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Ripe Bananas

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Bruised Bananas

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Villains are essential in making any movie worth its while.  We can either love them or hate them, usually for the same reasons: whether it be for their disillusioned sense of morality or ingenious methods of putting our heroes in a pinch.  For this we have to thanks the great writers who came up with them and the actors who brought them to life.  So here’s a list of my favorite villains in movies and the actors who did a great job portraying them.  Spoilers below.


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