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Loeb and Sale

There isn’t a more fitting review to write a couple of  days after Halloween.  A while back, I announced my recent expedition to graphic novels.  About half of my purchases were Batman-related.  My recent obsession with Batman is quite deep: drawings [see them here] and a replay of  what is my opinion the best video game of 2011, Arkham City.  Reading the Long Halloween was another great way to solidify my love for the Batman universe.  Widely regarded as one of the best Batman Graphic Novels of all time,The Long Halloween adds surprising depth to the Batman universe and in Christopher Nolan’s words, “The Long Halloween is more than a comic book, it’s an epic tragedy”.  This review is riddled with references to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, as it’s well known that this graphic novel served as inspiration to the writing of that movie.

This is a recommendation piece, so I’ve allowed as minimal spoilers as possible.

Historical Overview and Basic Plot of Jeph Loeb

Written in 1996 and published in 1997, The Long Halloween was written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale.  The graphic novel itself received critical acclaim and created two sequels to this series: Dark Victory and Catwoman: When in Rome. The basic plot of Jeph Loeb’s story is written during the early days of Batman’s career where crime mob families are still adjusting to the Dark Knight’s presence.  But when a serial killer sparks a mob war between two families, Batman tries his best to get down to the identity of the killer before more people are killed. (more…)


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I have a strange obsession with Harley Quinn.  Harley Quinn was once Dr. Harley Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.  She became fascinated with the Joker and became his needy assistant by acting as his partner in crime.  She’s always been a bubbly and villainous character, but I’ve been fascinated at her loss of sanity due to the power of the Joker.   As of late, she’s been highly sexualized by the Arkham games so I decided to draw her based on her Batman: The Animated Series.  Enjoy!  Seeing as it’s October, it’s a good excuse to draw a bunch of weird and creepy things, so look forward to all of that this month.

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This summer was an enormous superhero release time with big players like The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises.  Hitfix decided to compile the best of the best in gallery form.  You’ll get your traditional stuff like The Dark Knight and Incredibles, but they leave out some of my favorites and include even one I didn’t recognize.  Rocketeer?  Never heard of ya’.

Greatest Hero Movies

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Hey-Oh, what’s up!?  Another update on how we’re progressing here on Banana Scoop with a couple of new details on what we’ll be working on for the next week or so.  It’s primarily art announcements where I’m talking about some new icons and pictures I want to replace here and there.  The biggest story of the week is how we recently reached 100,000 views overall which is a big deal for a small blog like ourselves.  Check out the full update below!

An Incredible Marker, our 100,000th Hit

Banana Scoop has some fantastic news to share with you all!  It has received over 100,000 hits in total since it’s first conception!  We’re incredibly blessed and over the year ago I started this blog, there have been a combination of both good and bad times.  The older times where, I was all alone with deadlines all over the place and the good times where I was fortunate enough to be Freshly Pressed, twice.


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We’ve featured Badman before when he faced the Riddler in the face off of the century.  College Humor and Frontpage films have made another one where he takes on Scarecrow.  Scarecrow’s primary defense is his ability to use fear as a weapon.  So when he tries to find out what Batman fears most…well let’s just say he’s in for a surprise.  The video is hilarious and even has a celebrity cameo!  I want more.  With Freeze, Ivy, Catwoman, the whole shebang.

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Here’s a cool video series where the video creator takes a look at Batman villains across time.  Starting with the comic books made in the early 1900s, this series extends all the way into the most recent films.  Above I’ve included Scarecrow, but below there’s also Mr. Freeze and Bane.  I’m surprised the creator never made a video with the Joker or Catwoman…I haven’t had enough Batman in my life recently, so I’m thinking of picking up The Long Halloween or The Killing Joke.


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We’ve featured a couple of face mashes here like Johnny Depp about the characters he’s played.  But this is a different kind of face mash up.  Queue the main villains of the Dark Knight Trilogy.  Scarecrow, Joker, and Bane.  This is a really neat picture who I wish I could credit the artist, but I’ve tried researching and came up empty handed.  Regardless, this is a cool idea that I totally think should be applied to other movies.  But now that I think of it, I can’t seem to think about any trilogy based movies with multiple different bad guys.  Maybe Star Wars having Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Emperor?  That’d be kinda cool with the same breather mask style as pictured above…A project to be put into my ideas binder.  See the Johnny Depp pictured we’ve featured before below.  My only question is that why isn’t Ras Al Ghul’s face as Scarecrow…well maybe they’re only using villains for ‘face’ value.  Ha.  I’m hilarious.


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There’s a lot of people giving heat to the Dark Knight Rises for the plot holes.  Uproxx had compiled most if not all of the alleged plot holes and sarcastically answered them back with reasonable explanation.  How did Bruce Wayne get back into Gotham? How did Scarecrow become the judge if the people chose everything?  Check out the sarcastic answers [or maybe even just see what all the plot holes are] at the link.

All the Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes

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Lion King Rises

Another awesome Disney Mash Up.  We’ve seen Sin City and Game of Thrones, and now we have Batman version of Disney.  While the other two featured a large spectrum of Disney characters, this one focuses only on The Lion King.  Regardless, it’s really well done.  Scar makes a really good Bane and Zazu/Rafiki as an even better Alfred.  And the Hyenas fit he chanting really well.  I’m always shocked how well the lip syncing fits with the actual dialogue.  Check out the video above!

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Total time: 6 Hours
Hardware: Bamboo Create
Software: Adobe Photoshop 7
Inspiration from fellow Deviant Artist Renditions of Batman + Joker

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The Chive has created this awesome graphic giving you reasons to not take his daughter.  With Taken 2 coming around the bend and the original Taken not being horrible, there’s decent reason to start getting excited.  The graphic below gives you lessons based on Neeson’s career as to why taking his daughter is a horrible idea.  My favorite: He Trained Batman

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Top Banana

There was nothing too big in the news today in terms of the entertainment industry.  So I couldn’t come up with a powerful enough top banana or enough links to really support any story.  Call it my laziness, but I still compiled a pretty sweet list of other awesome news.  Be back next week when I have more stuff to say.  Have a nice weekend :).

Ripe Bananas

[Cracked] 6 Famously Terrible Movies That Were Almost Awesome

[IMDB] JT’s acting career moves to action

[Moviefone] Paul Rudd pisses off major producer Harvey Weinstein

[IFC] 25 Movie Pep Talks

[College Humor] RPG Game of Thrones (NSFW)

[Total Film] 30 of the Hottest Rising Stars

[YouTube] A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

[IMDB] Jonah Hill looks hilarious in The Sitter

Bruised Bananas

[FilmDrunk] Michael Bay ALWAYS uses the same shot

[Rottentomatoes] Bumbling Crime Idiots

[Yahoo!] Anne Hathaway defends her ‘meh’ of a catsuit

[WarmingGlow] Dane Cook finally confronts Louis C.K. after being accused of stealing jokes

[Youtube] Voldemort get’s awkward with Draco, HPatDH Part 2 Uncut scene

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