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We’ve featured a couple of face mashes here like Johnny Depp about the characters he’s played.  But this is a different kind of face mash up.  Queue the main villains of the Dark Knight Trilogy.  Scarecrow, Joker, and Bane.  This is a really neat picture who I wish I could credit the artist, but I’ve tried researching and came up empty handed.  Regardless, this is a cool idea that I totally think should be applied to other movies.  But now that I think of it, I can’t seem to think about any trilogy based movies with multiple different bad guys.  Maybe Star Wars having Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and the Emperor?  That’d be kinda cool with the same breather mask style as pictured above…A project to be put into my ideas binder.  See the Johnny Depp pictured we’ve featured before below.  My only question is that why isn’t Ras Al Ghul’s face as Scarecrow…well maybe they’re only using villains for ‘face’ value.  Ha.  I’m hilarious.


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The Dark Knight Rises continue to dominate this week’s posts with more and more awesome things surfacing.  Whilst looking back at the Dark Knight trailer for old time goosebumps, I stumbled upon this well done trailer to the entire trilogy.  The monologue fits beautfiully and hearing ‘ol Heath’s voice is near spine chilling.  This trailer truly encompasses not just Batman, but the growth and journey of Bruce Wayne.  The trailer itself is about 6 minutes long but is absolutely entrancing to watch.  It includes clips from all three movies and fits so beautifully together.  Stop reading this and seriously press the play button.  And then when you’re done, press play again.

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The Dark Knight Rises will be popular for a while now, and we’ll continue to be promoting how awesome it is. Here’s a behind the scenes picture of Bane and Batman, aka Tom Hardy and Christian Bale having a talk after a scene. It’s awesome, especially because Tom Hardy had to express all his emotion through his eyes in the movie, and he’s doing it right now. I’m definitely sure that if you could Photoshop his eyes to make him look angry or even sad, this scene would be entirely different. A project that I’ll look back into later.

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