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We’re no stranger to featuring funny Batman parodies.  I don’t particularly think this one is as funny as the Badman series College Humor puts out, but it’s pretty decent.  The action sequences are surprisingly smooth and the club scene is very impressive for amateur video production.  I don’t think the Batman is as funny as he could’ve been, but with so many of these Batman parodies running around, this one shines pretty well.


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Now this is a cool clip.  This is a fan-made [I wish I could credit, but it’s so hard these days, someone please remind me if they know] storyboard of how they would include the Joker in [SPOILERS] ……..the scene where Bane releases the inmates of Blackgate and possibly Arkham Asylum ………….[END SPOILERS].  The article had the following subtitles:

Bane: Who’s in there

Henchman: The Clown

Bane: …Leave him

There was a lot of debate in whether or not if the Clown Prince of Crime were included on what his role was, and I think this could of settled a good reason as to why he wasn’t present if he were to be included.  Your thoughts?

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The Dark Knight Rises continue to dominate this week’s posts with more and more awesome things surfacing.  Whilst looking back at the Dark Knight trailer for old time goosebumps, I stumbled upon this well done trailer to the entire trilogy.  The monologue fits beautfiully and hearing ‘ol Heath’s voice is near spine chilling.  This trailer truly encompasses not just Batman, but the growth and journey of Bruce Wayne.  The trailer itself is about 6 minutes long but is absolutely entrancing to watch.  It includes clips from all three movies and fits so beautifully together.  Stop reading this and seriously press the play button.  And then when you’re done, press play again.

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