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I feel bad because it seems as though all the talk around Bane is about comparisons, despite him being extremely original on his own.  His comparison to Heath Ledger’s Joker, his comparison to the muscle headed behemoth in Batman Forever, and now this comparison of his pre-sound edited and post-sound edited voice in the Dark Knight Rises.  The video plays the side by side same scene, both taken out of a theater it seems which results in the low quality, and shows what Bane sounded like with Nolan’s intended Bane voice and then the following post-sound mixing.  I had a hard enough time hearing everything Tom Hardy said in that mask, and when I watched this video, I was even more irritated with the muffling.  I hear in the DVD/BluRay release, Nolan will include both of the mixes.  Will I watch the original?  Probably, but with the aide of subtitles to help me catch on to things that I may have missed as well.  Kudos to those who’ll watch the original mix WITHOUT subtitles.  May God have mercy on your soul.

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