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This website is no stranger to awesome Game of Thrones parodies.  This is a video that is a sequel to a popular video from College Humor that rendered Game of Thrones season 1 into a 8-bit RPG game.  I had posted the video before and can be rewatched at the bottom of this page.  Like the first video, it makes fun of some of the absurdities of the season but drives in some rather good point in terms of what should’ve been represented versus what was.  You’ll have to watch to see for yourself, but there are some NSFW stuff, so be careful.

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College Humor has created one of the greatest web series out there, titled project “Badman”.  This web series is essentially a parody of how ridiculous Batman can be.  Batman is portrayed as an idiot in this series.  It’s almost indescribable how awesome this is.  There is definite comic gold in making fun of the way Batman speaks, and putting him in compromising situations is even better.  Check out the entire playlist here.

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This is neither directly movie or TV related.  But more than often TV and movies enforce these stereotypes, and especially reminds me of Mean Girls where they have a map of the drama in the high school cafeteria [clip below].  Hell if you don’t buy that lame excuse for a ‘bridge’, the third element in BananaFeeds Mission Statement is ‘Entertainment’.  So these images are  layouts of the types of people in cafeterias at ALL ages.  Be entertained.


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