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Jon Arnbuckle.  We know him as the goofy, loveless, and unfortunate owner of Garfield and Odie.  Most of the time, Jon has witiful banter with his cat Garfield that has so famously been immortalized by Jim Davis.  But artist Dan Walsh has done something incredible by removing his usual partner in crime of the comics, Garfield, from the panels.  What we have left is a look into who Jon really is.  By removing Garfield, it appears that Jon Arnbuckle is a lonely man in critical need of attention.  His speech bubbles left untouched, most of the time Jon looks as though he’s talking to himself or validating himself.  It surprisingly works incredibly well and produces some hilarious situations.  I’ve compiled some of my favorites below, but definitely visit GarfieldMinusGarfield.net for the full website.


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This week on Banana Scoop, expect articles on the following!   On another note, I know last week, I promised Maintenance Updates every Tuesday, but truth be told, not too many things change in one week, so I’ve moved Maintenance Newsletters to be every OTHER week instead.  Just a little heads up if you were gonna wonder later.

The Dark Knight Rises Review – We’re all praying for the families in Colorado.  It’s such a shame this had to happen.

Game of Thrones Parody – We’ve posted one about it before, and it makes a brilliant sequel!

Garfield Minus Garfield – A look at a witty artist who takes Garfield out of comic strips and shows the delusional mind of Jon Arbuckle

Breaking Bad Weekly Review – Another discussion about tonight’s episode of Breaking Bad!

Ron Perlman Has a Heart of Gold – Ron Perlman helps out a child in need for the Make a Wish Foundation

Minecraft! – Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to post my article on Minecraft [and it got embarrassingly posted anyways as to faulty scheduling], so we’re going to take another crack at it this week.

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