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I love watching something, seeing a familiar actor from a certain television show or movie, and then yelling, “hey it’s [insert characters name] from [insert television]!”  In this case, I guess this happened a couple of years ago when I first saw Firefly.  One of the flashbacks roll around regarding a young version of Simon and River Tam at their household.  When I saw Zac Efron, all I could see was a young Troy Bolton being conflicted with his choice about doing sports or singing songs rather than the difficult decisions he’s going to go through to saving his sister from the government.  I guess it turned out okay for both of them in the end.  Simon Tam ended up saving his sister and ‘boning’ Kaylee, the mechanic, and Zac Efron went on to do Hairspray and that reverse gender/plot 13 going on 30.

Happy endings for all.


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From UnrealityMag

Movies adapted into games have largely been written off, and most TV-to-game adaptations have been pretty dismal. But by taking a game and putting it in a style that you wouldn’t expect, the results can be great. You would have thought a Walking Dead game would have emulated similarly themed titles like Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead.

Television Shows That Should Be Video Games

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Super awesome artist Kristele has a very distinct art style.  We’ve featured her banner including all these Firefly characters before, but now I wanna give her credit to these awesome individual pieces.These awesome character profiles of each character could totally serve as a template for a Firefly animated series.  I would watch that.  I would watch anything Firefly related.  All this recent Firefly posting makes me mis the show again…Sigh…time to go watch Firefly and Serenity for like the 50th time….

See the rest of the character profiles and then visit her deviantart profile I linked above.


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A small and short video for ya’ll demonstrating how awesome Nathan Fillion.  Claimed geek god by many for his portrayal of the unforgettable Malcolm Reynolds in one season of Firefly and the awesome movie Serenity, Nathan Fillion is known for generating plenty of antics as seen in the video above.  During a dramatic scene, Fillion decides to carry dramatic in one camera pan across the entire crew. Appearing several times with a dead pan expression.  Some actors can’t handle it, but the ending is especially nice.  If you’re a fan of Firefly or Serenity, do yourself a favor and watch the clip.  If you’re not, do yourself a favor and watch both the series and movie and become a part of a Cult group that will be forever angry at the early death of a beloved show.

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What do we have cooked up for you all this week?  Since finishing A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ve now set my sight on the Hunger Games Trilogy.  Other than that, we have other things to talk about.  I’m still reeling from Dance with Dragons, and theres still a ton of pop culture to behold here.  Check below to get a sneak preview!

The Hunger Games Trilogy Review

Not just one, but all three books!  These are a looking to be a short read, so I’ll have my review on the stories and Suzanne Collins’s writing style.

A Song of Ice and Fire Theories 

There are a lot of open ended topics and cliff hangers after Dance with Dragons, and I’ve been able to grab ahold of a few of the popular theories on the web and will gladly discuss them here with you all!

Team Avatar All Grown Up

I’m not stranger to telling people how awesome Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have been.  There’s a neat image I want to share with you guys this week!

Nathan Fillion is Awesome

Two Nathan Fillion related posts this week.  One is about how Nathan Fillion being awesome on the set of Firefly and the other is about some awesome Firefly art.  Damn I miss Firefly.

The Dark Knight Prestige

We will continue to talk about how awesome The Dark Knight Rises as it’s still very relavent in today’s pop culture.  We have an awesome mashup of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and The Prestige ready.

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Netflix has gloriously taken it upon themselves to broadcast the new mini season of Arrested Development.  This begs the questions: why on Earth don’t all people cut the middle men and skip network programming altogether.  We’re moving into an age, where [at least in my opinion] television is largely watched through our computers.  How convinient all that would be!  Anywho, back to this post, following Arrested Development, The Street compiled 10 canceled television shows that should be revived in the same manner as Arrested Development.  Some got their due [like Firefly above], but not everyone is always happy.

Series Netflix Should Revive

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He’s absolutely more known for the Avengers, but let’s take another step back into something he’s done in the past. No, not Dollhouse, that weird prostitute show that starred the sexy Eliza Dushku. No not Buffy: The Vampire Slayer that pre-Twilight vampire crazed show that starred the sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar. But right inbetween there: Firefly. And that’s today’s awesome mash up that combines two of Joss Whedons ultimate babies. I’ve posted before what was already missing from the Avengers, and this is also very relevant.

In Firefly related news, I heard they had a panel and the San Diego Comic Con, where he teared up at the many fans who showed up. Dammit, what I’d give to get that show back on the air. For nostalgia sake, the original opening is below.


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From artist Boo21190, whose stylized as Anna Rettberg has created quite possibly the best collection of television characters as they hang out.  I want to play a game with you, how many can you possibly name?  After staring intently for 2-3 minutes I was able to get about 21/26 [I included the three ships in the window, 27 if you can name that obscure building lol and 30 if you count the pets, one of which I’m guessing is Sabrina’s cat]  I’ll admit however that I can’t name the faces of all of them, but I know at least what show they’re from.  I dare you to do better.  Below after the jump is my answer key.  Only visit if you’ve counted up yourself


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The image is subtle.  If you haven’t seen it yet, there is clearly a man who isn’t an Avenger with this series of heroes.  For the ignorant, that man is Nathan Fillion, unofficial Geek God.  To the mainstream, he’s known as Castle, but to the geek underground he will always be Malcolm Reynolds from Joss Whedon series: Firefly and Serenity.  I kinda wish he’d be a bigger deal in Hollywood, but he’s a bit too old for Hollywood to make him a big star.  Photoshopped images are all we’ll get out of him.

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