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Boy has it been an incredible past couple of weeks for DC Comics in the mainstream.  Of course, there are always news when it comes to what’s new in the comic book world, but for everyone else, television and movies are often the only outlets to some of the comic book properties.  2014-2015 television shows are being picked up and their initial trailers are being released and movie news for 2016 and beyond.  Among these, it appeared that NBC, CW, Fox, and Warner Bros got together and said, “the month of May is when we’re gonna release all the awesome DC-related news”.  Of course they didn’t actually do that, but damn it, it sure looked that way.  In today’s post, we’re gonna take a look at all the related news that was released that are DC Comics related.



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Back before when Community was still on hiatus, a number of people did artistic works in support of the beloved series.  When it was announced it would return come March 15th, the internet went in a storm of laughter and rejoice.  As a result, there were even more fan tributes to the series.  This one I’ve included is a tastefully done mash up of Community and the Dark Knight rises.  The most spine chilling moment for me was when Chang played Bane.  Perfect timing.

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