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My obsession with Harleen Quinzel continues as I use her as my object for trying a new style.  I took a painting + blur tool on this one versus my normal style.  I really liked the shading that can come from it and how it looks without the line art.  Expect more experimentations with this.

I kinda set it vaguely at Arkham Asylum, hence her orange jumpsuit.  I’m going to say Harley found her infamous collar (and ultimately the calling card to get her to be recognizable) amidst a riot where she wrestled away a police baton.  She also found her old name tag and set out to correct it to better reflect who she is now.  And of course, she’s always equipped with that absolutely adorable smile.

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I have a strange obsession with Harley Quinn.  Harley Quinn was once Dr. Harley Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.  She became fascinated with the Joker and became his needy assistant by acting as his partner in crime.  She’s always been a bubbly and villainous character, but I’ve been fascinated at her loss of sanity due to the power of the Joker.   As of late, she’s been highly sexualized by the Arkham games so I decided to draw her based on her Batman: The Animated Series.  Enjoy!  Seeing as it’s October, it’s a good excuse to draw a bunch of weird and creepy things, so look forward to all of that this month.

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Game of the Week. Today we’ll be covering a game I was recently allowed to borrow with a recommendation from a good friend. Batman: Arkham Asylum, first in what may be a series of games, followed by Arkham City, is an amazing step in the right direction for superhero games in general (with Spider Man 2 coming in at a close second place). With all the grit of the original and later series and a lot of interesting mechanics and gameplay nuances, Arkham Asylum makes for an intriguing time killer and fun-filling machine. The plot is interesting, deep, and peppered here and there with a bit of maturity (if not a lot ofmaturity, people DO die). Let’s get into the dissection of this game before we go any further.


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