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bolin wanted


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asami soto wanted final

I struggled with letting Asami smile in her mugshot or not, or whether I should try to make her seductive in her mugshot given how much of a bombshell she’s meant to be.  Ultimately, I went with a serious shot because I pictured if Asami did have to get arrested (which is true in her canon mugshot), she would be very upset and serious about it.  Ta-da, serious Asami.  I’m obviously going to finish Bolin and I might do Kai, Tenzin, and maybe Bumi.

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korra wanted

I have a lot to say about Legend of Korra this season, mostly summed up by one word: ACE.  In the most recent episode, there’s reference to a set of wanted posters picturing Neo-Team Avatar.  I absolutely fell in love with Korra’s ‘smugshot’.  I was able to grab a screenshot of Korra’s wanted poster and performed a quick trace-and-color of the drab and sepia-esque picture.  I’m really into it and I have motivation to try to make due with the rest of the out of focus and skewed images of the other 3 (and maybe a bonus one of Kai).

I used a texture pen to kind of give the drawing some…well texture I guess, but let me know if you guys think a regular G-pen will work better.

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I recently just crushed the 3 seasons of Avatar: the Last Airbender and I seriously got hyped up on how such a good show it was. The show was just so good that I had to honor it. I decided to honor it with a gallery of its title character. I went to Deviant art and chose the 15 best photos. I normally try to honor the artists, but it simply takes way to long to do this. I encourage you instead to check out the artists themselves. Below is the gallery.


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