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This past weekend Nickelodeon wrapped up The Legend of Korra Season 1 in an explosive fashion. I’ve talked about it before and how awesome the set up has been. The finale featured two episodes, Skeletons in then Closet and Endgame, and they wrapped up all the build up from the ten episode set up. There weren’t many spine tingling moments in these ten episodes, as compared to the Avatar: The Last Airbender, which usually had me goosebumping, but the last two episodes had its fair share of epic moments.

With excellent character development, beautiful animation and music, and enough hints to the previous series mythlore, the Legend of Korra season finale puts another big hole in my heart as I have to wait an entire another year before we can see anything from this again. I relate it to my experience with Game of Thrones, where I had to fulfill my fix by beginning the book series. But there are no book series for this. So this post won’t be the last we hear of this series, as I’ll try to keep the spirit alive and try to find as many pieces of Legend of Korra related pop culture over the next few weeks.

Read below to get my opinion and feelings on the season finale. SERIOUS SPOILERS BELOW


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