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After reading numerous articles regarding the hype that was Attack on Titan, I decided to break my usual television catch up sessions and watch an anime show despite never really watching anime.  After 20+ grueling episodes, I was absolutely floored with the gorgeous animation, engaging characters, and heart stopping action and story.  I was compelled to write this very positive review and it appeared that I wasn’t alone in my love of the show.

Since then I’ve been thirsty for a new anime show to fill the hole of pure awesomeness Attack on Titan left when I was finished with the show.   I looked through a couple of lists, namely Kotaku regarding some of the best anime of the season/2013 and I followed up on what I thought were some very good picks.  Keep in mind, I’m not normally accustomed to certain levels of ridiculous when it comes to anime shows.  Which meant I tried to stay away from generic ‘fantasy/medieval’ anime with knights in boob armor.  Nor was I fan of generic ‘gundam’/Pacific Rim anime with typecast pilots in giant robots, where intense fighting is about half of the series.  Oh I’m also not into harem anime with a single boy in a school of girls in which the show tries to service the fans at any moment with accidental boob grabs and panty shots.  Maybe I’m not as familiar with anime anymore, but I’m pretty sure I’ve crossed off about 90% of contemporary anime.  Some of the shows I watched fall into this category and hell, even Attack on Titan at some point falls into some of these categories, but I was truly looking for something special and engaging.

My search yielded some good time burners and quality anime watched, but I think still haven’t found anything close to the level of ‘I CAN’T STOP WATCHING’ that Attack on Titan gave me.  There might be one show in this list that will do that job…Here’s a run down of the anime I watched and what I thought.



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attack on titan opener

I don’t normally watch a lot of anime nor do I actively seek it out nor can I tell a good one from a bad one.  But 2013 was the year of referencing Attack on Titan.  Wit Studio, the company responsible for adapting the popular manga series, released the series only to claim a large number of rewards like best series, best musical score, and best theme song.  For all the websites I visit, reddit, kotaku, etc.  Attack on Titan has been at least referenced at least once as an incredible if not at least controversial series.  Especially because I don’t watch too much anime, I normally would’ve brushed this series off due to general disinterest, but all the media coverage and the constant referencing finally coerced me into watching the first couple of episodes.  And by episode 4 or 5, I was hooked, lined, and sunk into an abyss of excitement and sadness.

The Background

The year is 845 where over 100 years ago, a mysterious force called the titans wiped out majority of humanity.  These titans are giants, whose seemingly only purpose is to devour and wipeout mankind.  In response, humanity has created a series of walls, in order to ward off titan attacks and keep humanity safe.  When the walls are breached for the first time in 100 years, ambitious and young Eren Jaeger vows to wipe all the titans off the face of the earth.  With the help of his deadly adoptive sister and brilliant childhood friend, Eren embarks on a journey that can only be viewed as a suicide mission.

Watch Attack on Titan for yourself here on Crunchyroll


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