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Avatar the Last Airbender was definitely one of the best animated series out there.  The Legend of Korra took a leap of faith by taking a time skip of about 60+ years to see the repercussions of Avatar Aang and his friends’ actions.  Though the Legend of Korra was definitely a great series, I couldn’t help but miss the old Team Avatar.  Aang’s playful nature, Toph’s bad-girl antics, and Sokka’s comic relief were all things to be missed.  Even their faces.  We were lucky to get some flashbacks through Korra’s eyes to see how they were and even their voices.  But we never got a look at Zuko or Katara at that age.  So at Comic Con Nickelodeon released this awesome image of Team Avatar in full color all grown up.  The image brings a large wave of nostalgia and I totally wish they could create an entire series revolving around them.

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