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I absolutely loved Portal, so much that I’ve included one of the sounds as my text tone.  So when I see something a awesome as this, where they take the original soundtrack and an artist creates a fully animated and original take on an iconic scene, I get super freaking giddy.  I loved the reaction Chell has, seeing as we technically can’t see it.  Her face is full of absolute disgust, and then GLaDOS is masterfully rendered as a half human/half robotic being that captures her chilling tone.  And Wheatley looks like Steven Merchant.  Which fits perfectly.  Gosh I wanna play this game again, I’ll probably play it again in a couple of weeks seeing as I’ve probably forgotten how to solve some of the puzzles.

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Superstar artist Andrea Tamme drew some amazing concept looking Portal art featuring a sensual moment between Chell and Glados.  It’s a neat photo, having it set in debris which I can only imagine is Aperture Science.  I wonder what they’re talking about.  I’m assuming this is pleasant conversation, so the subjects of lying cake, obesity, and loveless parents aren’t on the table.  Maybe they’re talking about that time when Chell turned Glados into a potato.  Surely Glados has a sense of humor…well maybe not when she’s the victim.

Regardless, check out this photo and many other photos at Andrea Tamme’s deviant art page!

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Oh my goodness, I aboslutely love this.  There are two references here: Portal and Legend of Korra.  This is from one of the first episodes of Legend of Korra where Chief Beifong allows Korra to leave her prison cell, but not without leaving a message.  And as Korra leaves, she fires a message right back.  The genius is replacing the body art with skins from the portal series.  Korra has become Chell and Chief Beifong as Glados.

What’s so great about this is because this interplay between the two characters from Legend of Korra resonate fairly well with the characters from Portal.  The adorable [yet slightly weird] relationship between Chell and Glados is exactly how Korra treats Chief Beifong.  I wish I could credit someone for something so great, but in all honesty, it’s so hard to find sources to unmarked GIFS such as these.  If anyone knows please enlighten me.

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